The nation’s top all-inclusive ice machine program is available in Erie, CO!

Companies in Erie depend on ice for their customers and guests.  Buying a commercial ice maker freezes your capital and repairs/maintenance costs will melt your profits.  Leasing an ice maker in Erie ties your business into a long-term commitment. Plus leases for commercial ice machines in Erie are inflexible and carry hidden fees.

There’s a better option than buying or leasing commercial ice machines in Erie:  Subscriptions!  Easy Ice is the only national company offering ice machine subscriptions. We serve thousands of customers nationwide and throughout Colorado.

Subscriptions are the ultimate end-to-end solution for Erie businesses that need an ice machine, but don’t need the hassles of ownership.  Our program is fully-inclusive and our low prices are cost-effective.  No hidden fees!

As a national company, we’ve purchased thousands of new Hoshizaki commercial ice machines for our customers.  And we pass our purchasing power on the commercial ice machines in Erie to our subscribers, giving you the lowest price for the best equipment and service.

Just a few dollars a day for 600lbs of ice production a day! All-inclusive & affordable!

Subscriptions include Hoshizaki ice machines, maintenance, repairs (parts & labor included), Breakdown Ice, Free standard water filters (2 per year), sanitation and 24/7 support.  You won’t find a better ice machine program in Erie!

Leasing companies will try to convince you that an ice machine lease is a good deal.  Does your Erie business want to be tied into 3-5 year commitment with cancellation fees  and other hidden costs?  No!  Easy Ice customers in Erie who qualify for our subscriptions pay month-to-month without any term commitment!  You can cancel at anytime (30 days notice, please) without penalty fees.  Plus, we have an Upsizing Program so as your business grows, your ice production can grow with it.  Easy Ice commercial ice maker subscriptions are simply superior to leasing in Erie!

We’ve partnered with the biggest names in the industry to give all our customers across the U.S. the best products and service available.  Ecolab and Reddy Ice help with our maintenance, repairs, sanitation and Breakdown Ice.

We carry Hoshizaki ice machine models that produce between 200lb and 2000lbs of ice per day.  And we offer our subscribers different ice types: crescent cubes, square cubes, nugget and flaked.  Whatever industry your Erie business is in, we have the right commercial ice machine for you!  We’ve place ice machines in restaurants, convenience stores, bars, hotels, schools, churches, office complexes, nursing homes and hospitals.  Our prices are so reasonable, even contractors, freight companies and landscapers in Colorado can afford to have an ice machine on site.

Ice machine subscriptions are available throughout the country and all over Colorado.  We’re proud to serve companies in Erie, Boulder, Denver, Thornton, Arveda and Aurora.