The best value for commercial ice machines in Fairfield! Subscriptions are all-inclusive and require no capital!

Companies and organizations in Fairfield depend on commercial ice machines.  Restaurants and hotels, health clubs and convenience stores, military bases, schools, churches and corporate facilities all have ice makers on site.  Until recently, if you needed commercial ice machines in Fairfield your only options were to buy or lease.

Easy Ice has a better solution for ice machines in Fairfield: commercial ice machine subscriptions.  Easy Ice is the only company that offers affordable, all-inclusive ice machine subscriptions on a national scale and in Fairfield!

Our subscriptions are simply the smartest way to get quality commercial ice machines in Fairfield. However, we go above and beyond traditional leases in California to provide you with everything you need to keep your ice bin full year-round.

We’re the preferred choice for ice machines in Fairfield by savvy business owners. With no hidden fees or upfront capital required, subscriptions are the risk-free solution you’ve been waiting for.

All you pay upfront is a one-time setup fee equal to two months of your subscription rate. From there, we’ll deliver and install a Hoshizaki or Manitowoc ice maker in Fairfield for you, ensuring you’re set up for success. After that, your low monthly payment covers everything else you’ll need from routine maintenance to repairs and backup ice.

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Tired of dealing with ice machine issues on your own?
Find out how Easy Ice makes them disappear.

Since we provide the commercial ice equipment for you, we do our best to keep it running well. Every six months, we’ll send a technician out to check your ice maker in Fairfield. There, they’ll clean your machine, change any standard water filters, and diagnose any potential problems. Should a problem arise in between maintenance calls, no problem!  Repairs, including parts and labor, are covered in your subscription.

We know that it’s impossible for your business to run smoothly when your ice machine in Fairfield is down. If the ice machine needs repair and we can’t fix it quickly, we provide customers with Free Breakdown Ice.  No need to buy bagged ice while you wait for repairs — we do it for you.

Easy Ice’s subscriptions have been revolutionizing the way business owners handle their ice machines in Fairfield and throughout Northern California. Our quality ice machine service is offered across the nation, making it possible for any business to find the right solution. If you’re ready to make a smart choice for your business, contact us today!