Save money by subscribing to a commercial ice maker in Falls Church, VA!

Is your Falls Church business in need of a new commercial ice machine? Before you spend thousands of dollars in precious capital purchasing an ice maker, you need to learn about ice machine subscriptions! Commercial ice machine subscriptions are the preferred choice for smart business owners in the Washington DC area. Low monthly fee for a reliable ice supply!

With a subscription, Easy Ice takes the burden and costs of ice machine ownership off your plate. We’ll work with your Falls Church company to determine the best size and type Hoshizaki ice machine for you. Easy Ice will even send out a technician for a complimentary consultation. Simple!

Once you’ve selected the perfect ice machine for your ice needs, a small one-time fee is collected for professional delivery and installation of the ice machine at your Falls Church location. From there, you just pay a low fixed monthly cost for all-inclusive service. If you need an ice bin, we can provide those to you as well for a small added monthly fee.

From then on, you pay the same price monthly for a guaranteed ice supply. Since we own the ice machine, we’re invested in keeping it well maintained. Subscriptions include biannual preventive maintenance, standard water filter replacements, repairs (parts and labor), twice yearly deep-cleanings and free Breakdown Ice.

Simplify your ice supply today! Commercial ice machine subscriptions make more sense than buying a commercial ice maker in Falls Church because subscriptions are reliable, affordable and all-inclusive!

If you’ve ever owned a commercial ice maker in Falls Church, you understand the unpredictable expenses associated with it. Maintenance, repairs and water filters will costs you at least hundreds of dollars per year. And what if the ice machine is down and can’t be repaired for days? You’ll be running out to buy bagged ice, which is a waste of time and money. Some of our larger restaurant customers have told us when they owned, they could spend as much as $500 on bagged ice per day! Subscribing to your ice machine is a much smarter choice and a better value.

The Easy Ice subscription program eliminates all those unpredictable costs! Savvy business owners in Falls Church and throughout the Washington D.C. region are choosing ice machine subscriptions over buying or leasing. Our clients tell us they’ll never own an ice machine again!

We offer ice machine models and ice types for any business that depends on ice. Our customers include restaurants, hotels, hospitals, convenience stores, schools/universities, health clubs, office complexes, manufacturing and distribution companies, churches and golf courses. Really any company that needs a steady supply of ice will benefit from a commercial ice machine subscription from Easy Ice!

Easy Ice has service in the Metro Washington DC area including Falls Church, Arlington, Jefferson, Annandale, Fairfax and Vienna.