Affordable, quality ice machines in the Florida Panhandle for every business! Rentals are a cost-effective solution to owning an ice maker.

Businesses throughout the Florida Panhandle need reliable ice machines to serve locals and visitors alike. If you’ve thought about buying or leasing a commercial ice maker in the Florida Panhandle but haven’t found the right solution, we have one for you! Easy Ice’s ice machine subscriptions give you access to the best equipment and service available in the South at an affordable price.

With a subscription from Easy Ice, you’ll have a team of experts ready to help you with the ice machine at your Florida Panhandle location. For one low monthly payment, we cover everything you need for a clean and consistent ice cube production.

We’ve revolutionized the way nearly every industry manages ice in the Florida Panhandle.

From restaurants and hotels to hospitals and schools, our program makes it possible for any business to make the change. To start our risk-free program, call our 24/7 customer support line for a free estimate and onsite survey. You can also use our Ice Machine Estimator on our website to help fit you with the best possible machine for your business.

All you pay upfront is a setup fee equal to two months of your subscription rate, and from there, you’ll be charged the same fixed rate every month. Your payment covers a top of the line Manitowoc or Hoshizaki ice maker for your Florida Panhandle business along with any necessary service and maintenance.

Manufacturers recommend two professional maintenance visits per year, so we pay for bi-annual preventive maintenance. This maintenance helps to keep the ice machine at your Florida Panhandle location clean and running well. Our technicians will also replace any standard water filters during visits and keep an eye out for any problems.

If your ice maker in the Florida Panhandle breaks down, we have you covered. Just call our customer service line, and we’ll have a technician out to repair your ice machine right away. While we complete the repair, your business will be provided with Breakdown Ice at no extra cost.

With Easy Ice, you know what you’re getting for your money. No hidden fees or unexpected costs, for as low as $135 a month, you can have hassle-free ice machine service for your Florida Panhandle business.

Our program goes above and beyond a traditional lease you’d find in Florida. Not only do we cover costs for commercial ice equipment, maintenance, backup ice, and repairs, but we also offer our Upsizing program in your subscription free of charge! If you end up needing a larger capacity ice machine for your Florida Panhandle company, all you pay is the setup fee on the new equipment. We will have the new ice machine installed right away for you.

Maintaining a commercial ice maker in the Florida Panhandle heat can be a hassle to deal with, so let us handle it for you. We provide our quality service in Tallahassee, Panama City, Crawfordville, Quincy, Crestview, and Pensacola. Contact us today and see what an ice machine subscription can do for your business!