Don’t buy or lease a commercial ice machine in Fort Pierce!  Subscriptions are better!

Are you looking for a new commercial ice machine in Fort Pierce?  Have you heard about ice machine subscriptions?  A subscription from Easy Ice is better than owning or leasing a commercial ice maker.

We’re a national company with a one-of-a-kind subscription service in Fort Pierce.  Ice machine subscriptions are affordable, flexible, reliable and simple.  For a flat monthly fee, you get everything you need to guarantee ice in the bin.

Subscriptions are the fastest growing segment of the ice machine industry.  Why take on the risk and added expense of buying a commercial ice maker?  Easy Ice takes the risk and our customers save money, time and hassle.

Say goodbye to unexpected ice machine repair bills forever!

Our ice machine subscriptions are the coolest way to get a commercial ice machine in Fort Pierce.  Restaurants, hotels, hospitals, convenience stores and golf course across the country and throughout Florida are choosing Easy Ice.

How are we different than a lease? Our program is fully inclusive and flexible.  Our standard ice machine models come with a 30 day, no-penalty cancellation policy (for qualified customers).  You won’t find that with a lease!

Leases are rigid, but ice machine subscriptions are flexible.  As your Fort Pierce business grows, Easy Ice is prepared to grow with you. We offer an easy upgrade system.  For a one-time nominal charge, we will bring you a bigger (or smaller) ice machine.  Your monthly fee will reflect the change in ice making equipment. Simple!  Most ice machine leases do not give you the flexibility to change to another size.

Our revolutionary Breakdown Ice program also differentiates us from other ice machine sources.  In most locations, we deliver bagged ice in the event the ice machine is broken and we can’t fix it quickly.  If you’re not within delivery range, we reimburse you for replacement ice you may buy.  Breakdown Ice gives our customers peace of mind.  The ice maker will be fixed quickly, or you get free ice.  It’s as simple as that.  Our customers know they will never be without ice.

We also offer Peak Ice.  Peak Ice is Not included in ice machine subscriptions, but it sure is convenient! I f you are having a large even and anticipate needing more us, just let us know 48 hours in advance.  You’ll have all the ice you need. (Peak Ice is market rate.)

Simple.  Affordable.  Reliable.  Easy Ice is the ultimate ice machine solution for any Fort Pierce company that relies on ice.