Supplying your Fremont company with ice just got easier! All-inclusive ice machine subscriptions from Easy Ice!

If your Fremont business uses ice, chances are you have a commercial ice machine on site.  Until recently, your only choices for getting a commercial ice maker in Fremont were to buy one or lease one.  Buying or leasing ice machines are not ideal.  If you buy a commercial ice maker you have to spend big money upfront and then deal with ongoing costs for years.  Maintenance, cleanings, water filters, repairs and replacement ice add up.  They’re costly and, even worse, unpredictable expenses.

Wouldn’t you like to know how much your ice will cost you each month, year after year?  Easy Ice is the only company that delivers commercial ice machine subscriptions on a national scale.  We’ve place thousands of ice machines into companies across the country, in the Easy Bay and in Fremont.

Subscription for a commercial ice maker in Fremont are based on a fixed monthly price.  That’s right — it’s fixed!  For as long as you have our ice maker on site, you pay the same monthly rate.  Our customers love the way our service allows them to budget for ice.  It’s the same month after month.  No surprise or added costs!

Ice machine subscriptions are affordable, dependable and simple! Subscriptions are simply superior to buying or leasing a commercial ice maker in Fremont!

We serve all kinds of industry across the nation and in Fremont.  Corporate facilities, schools, restaurants, golf courses, convenience stores, hotels and hospitals use ice machine subscriptions.  We have service throughout California and the Easy Bay.  Easy Ice covers Fremont, Hayward, Oakland, Richmond, Emeryville, Walnut Creek and Albany and all over the area.

Our ice machine subscriptions are affordable and predictable.  We conduct an onsite survey to determine the best size and type ice machine for your business.  Our technicians deliver and install Hoshizaki ice machines.  We can also provide you with Hoshizaki ice bins and ice dispensers if you need them.

We fully maintain and repair our ice makers.  This means for a low monthly fee you get the ice machine, all repairs, maintenance, water filters, cleanings, Breakdown Ice and 24/7 service.  No one else in the industry offers subscriptions nationally!

Standard subscriptions include an easy upgrade policy.  If your business grows, we want to grow your ice production to match.   For a onetime charge, we’ll switch out your ice machine for a bigger unit.  You simply pay the monthly fee for the new sized machine.  Simple!