The best solution for a commercial ice machine in Glendale with no capital required!

Glendale businesses need ice. Glendale has some of the warmest and most desirable climates in the country and ice machines are necessary pieces of equipment. Our goal is to set our Glendale customers up with the best performing commercial ice makers and the lowest risk.

Easy Ice is in the business of assuming risk for commercial ice machines and giving our customers the ultimate, all-inclusive package that guarantees they always have ice. We are the only company that offers a comprehensive ice machine program nationally, and we have a local presence in Glendale.

Unlike a traditional ice machine lease, our subscriptions give companies the ability to increase or decrease their ice supply. As your business grows, Easy Ice can accommodate your ice needs with larger ice machine through our simple equipment upgrade program. For a one-time, nominal charge our technicians will remove the commercial ice machine in Glendale and install another that better fits your needs.

Conversely, if you’ve ordered an ice maker that’s producing too much ice we can downsize your ice machine. You can’t find this benefit with other companies who lease or rent commercial ice makers.

Easy Ice commercial ice maker subscriptions start as low as $129 per month.

That breaks down to only $4 a day for guaranteed ice!

And that’s a fixed price as long as you have the ice machine. No unexpected expenses or subscription price increases for the duration of the time you have the commercial ice machine in Glendale.

Our ice machine subscriptions are unlike any other ice maker rentals or leases. We include Everything you need to guarantee ice in the bin. And when we say everything, we mean it!

Our skilled technicians will install and deliver Hoskizaki commercial ice machines and perform all maintenance and repairs for the life of the ice maker. All preventive maintenance and any repairs to the ice machine are included in the affordable monthly fee.

Replacement ice (we call this Breakdown Ice), standard water filters, Hoshizaki parts and all labor are always free. With an Easy Ice commercial ice maker subscription, you can say goodbye to expensive repair bills forever!

Easy Ice is the only company in the ice machine business that has customer support around the clock, every day of the year (including holidays and weekends). And you never see an extra charge for repairs or service even during off-hours, weekends or holidays.

Easy Ice is proud to serve customers in Glendale and throughout Arizona with our revolutionary ice machine program.