Need a dependable commercial ice maker in Grapevine? All-inclusive subscription from Easy Ice is your best solution!

Companies in Grapevine, and all over Texas, that need ice, rely on Easy Ice! We provide businesses like your’s an all-inclusive, cost-effective commercial ice machine program. For just dollars a day, your Grapevine business will enjoy a dependable supply of clean, safe ice from a state-of-the-art Hoshizaki ice machine. No capital or down payment required!

Our ice machine program is 100% guaranteed and the most cost-effective solution for any company that requires ice. Restaurants, hotels and health clubs in Grapevine need a steady supply of ice for their customers. Hospitals, churches, office complexes and schools need ice for their employees. With an ice machine subscription from Easy Ice, you’ll always have ice for a low, predictable monthly price! Simple!

No hidden fees or costs! Just a hassle-free program that guarantees your Grapevine company always has ice in the bin!

A commercial ice machine subscription differs from a lease in a few ways. First of all, leasing a commercial ice maker in Grapevine will require a long-term commitment — usually 3-5 years. Plus, if you lease an ice machine, you’ll pay penalties if you cancel your lease before the end of the contract. Are ice machine leases all-inclusive, including repairs and maintenance? The answer is, usually not.

With a subscription to a commercial ice maker, our qualified customers have no long-term contract and can cancel with just 30 days notice (no penalty fees!). Our ice machine program includes 2 preventive maintenance visits per year. We’ll dispatch a technician to your Grapevine location and thoroughly inspect the ice maker for any potential issues. We then deep clean and sanitize the ice machine, plus swap out the water filters. Standard water filters (2 per year) are Free!

What if your ice production can’t keep up with your growing business? No problem if your Grapevine company subscribes to a commercial ice machine through Easy Ice! Our simple Upsizing Program allows you to grow your ice making capacity as your business grows.

Some folks think buying a commercial ice maker in Grapevine is a better choice. Bottom line, it’s not! Buying a commercial ice maker requires a big chunk of capital. And if you need to finance the unit, you’re paying interest fees on top of the purchase price. Don’t you have better ways to spend your company’s money? Ways that will actually enhance your profits or add to customer satisfaction?

The purchase price of a new ice machine is just the beginning of your costs if you choose to buy. Maintenance, repairs, cleanings, water filters and replacement ice melt your profits faster than you can say subscription! With Easy Ice, all these needs are taken care of for you so you can grow your business, not spend money trying to keep the ice flowing! Our commercial ice machine subscriptions include repairs, Breakdown Ice and all of the above mentioned costs of ownership. Why take the financial risk of buying an ice machine?

We proudly provide service in most areas in Texas including Grapevine, Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, Carrollton, Arlington and Grand Prairie.