Guaranteed ice without capital or risk!

Are you looking for a commercial ice makers in Henderson?  No need to look further.  We have the ultimate end-to-end program for getting an ice machine into your business.

Subscriptions are better than buying or leasing a commercial ice maker.  Easy Ice developed the subscription model for ice machines. We’re the only national player in the ice machine subscription business and we have service in Henderson.

Everyone loves all-inclusive services.  No worries.  No stress.  Dependability and predictability and less decisions to make.  Owning a commercial ice machine increases stress, worry and expenditures.  Doesn’t your business deserve an easier alternative to buying or leasing commercial ice makers in Henderson?

Our subscriptions guarantee you will have ice in the bin at an affordable price!

Imagine not having to pay for expensive ice machine repairs.  Imagine customer service for your ice machine available 24/7, including holidays and weekends. Imagine receiving Breakdown Ice if the ice maker needs repair.  Imagine someone else taking responsibility for ice machine maintenance, cleaning and water filter changes.

That dream is the reality when you have an ice machine subscription from Easy Ice!  You need an ice machine that’s dependable for your Henderson company.  We have the incentive to keep the ice makers running optimally since we take the financial risk for them. Our subscriptions require no capital or down payment.  We take the risk and responsibility so our customers can focus on running their businesses.

Smart managers and business owners in Henderson and across the country don’t want to spend capital on equipment that doesn’t have a financial return.  Your customers don’t pay extra to have ice in their drinks, but they certainly expect it.  The same goes for hotels.  Hotels and motels don’t charge a fee to use the ice machines.  But if an accommodation doesn’t have functional ice machines, they also don’t have many guests.

Ice in the bin, without capital expenditure or risk.  We’re the only national company that has ice machine subscriptions like this!  We’ve partnered with Hoshizaki to bring our customers the best commercial ice machines on the market.

Henderson is the 2nd largest city in Nevada with over 270,000 residents.  Henderson has all the amenities of a big city, yet it still retains it’s small town feel.  Henderson has a wide variety of restaurants, recreational facilities, museums and golf courses.  And all of these industries need commercial ice machines.

If you need commercial ice makers in Henderson, or anywhere nearby (Boulder City, Paradise, Las Vegas or Spring Valley), give us a call! We’re happy to arrange a free on-site inspection and estimate.