A steady supply of ice at an affordable price!

Does your company in Irving need a new ice machine?  Do you need a reliable source of ice?  We’ve designed the best national program for commercial ice machines with No Capital or risk!  Compare to renting, leasing or buying commercial ice machines in Irving!

Easy Ice is revolutionizing the ice machine industry with our unique subscriptions. Ice machine subscriptions are simple, predictable, affordable and 100% dependable.  We provide our service nationally and all over Texas, including Irving.

Subscriptions are better than owning a commercial ice maker.  And a simpler, more affordable solution than traditional ice machine leases or rentals in Irving!

Our end-to-end solution is unique and guarantees you have ice in the bin.  We take on the capital risk for our customers and are motivated to keep our ice machines performing well. Ice machine subscriptions with Easy Ice include preventive maintenance, cleanings, water filters and more.  Standard water filter replacements are alway FREE, saving our Irving customers the expense of buying costly water filters.

Our technicians perform maintenance twice per year and fully clean the ice maker.  Ice machine cleanings are necessary for clean, safe ice to be produced.  Unsanitary ice can make people sick.  And if you make people sick, you lose customers.  Twice a year we send a technician to your Irving location to inspect and clean the commercial ice makers.  Routine preventive maintenance is key to the health and long life of ice machines.

Business owners and managers throughout the Dallas – Fort Worth – Irving triangle are choosing Easy Ice over owning ice machines. We asked celebrity Chef Robert Irvine if restaurant owners should own an ice machine.  And his answer was “absolutely not”.

Our customers in Irving and throughout the country receive new Hoshizaki commercial ice machines. After buying thousands of ice machines for our customers, Hoshizaki is the brand we trust!  Hoshizaki manufactures it’s ice machines in the U.S. and they are reliable and durable.  Plus, most Hoshizaki ice machines have the EnergyStar rating, saving our customers in Irving with utility costs.

Commercial ice machines in Irving need specialized maintenance and cleanings.  Most business owners are not ice machine experts, and Chef Irvine advises that third-party experts like Easy Ice are the way to go with commercial ice makers.

We’re the only national company that offers all-inclusive ice machine subscriptions throughout the country and in Irving.  Irving customers know how our service simplifies their lives and their budgeting.  Our subscription prices are predictable, whereas the expenses incurred with owning commercial ice machines in Irving are unpredictable.

We include repairs to the ice maker, including parts and labor.  Never see an ice machine repair invoice again!  Our customers are thrilled by the ease of our ice maker subscriptions!

If you need ice, you need Easy Ice!  Subscriptions are simple and flexible, unlike ice machine leases.  With everything included, our customers pay an affordable, fixed price each month.  Guaranteeing ice for your customers and employees in Irving is simple with Easy Ice!

Easy Ice serves the greater Irving area including Dallas, Fort Worth, Coppell, Arlington, Grapevine, Grand Prairie, Addison, Plano, Garland and Duncanville.