Subscriptions for a commercial ice maker in Jonesboro are hassle-free and affordable!

Jonesboro businesses need ice, but you don’t need to own the ice machine. Subscriptions are a better alternative and the preferred option for thousands of companies across the nation, throughout Georgia and in Jonesboro. Easy Ice is the only company offering commercial ice machine subscriptions on a national scale and we have service in Jonesboro.

Ice machine subscriptions cover everything to do with the ice maker and it’s upkeep. Subscriptions include preventive maintenance and repairs plus Breakdown Ice, guaranteeing you always have ice when you need it.

Since we’re a national company and have bought thousands of ice machines for our customers, we have buying power and we pass that savings on to our subscribers. Subscriptions are so affordable that companies like contractors and landscapers can now afford to have a commercial ice maker in Jonesboro on site.

We provide our customers with industry-leading commercial ice machines from Hoshizaki. Hoshizaki are manufactured near Jonesboro in Peachtree City, Ga and are durable and energy-efficient.

Subscriptions start at just $135 a month for 600lbs of daily ice making capacity!

As a business owner or manager in Jonesboro, you want to spend time and money where you can generate revenue. Ice machines don’t generate revenue. Yes, you need ice but you can’t charge more for it. So why would you spend valuable capital buying a commercial ice maker?  Celebrity chef restaurant owners like Robert Irvine, Marc Murphy and Gordon Ramsay have ditched owning ice machines in favor of Easy Ice subscriptions.  If we handle the ice needs of celebrity chefs, don’t you think we can manage the ice machine for your Jonesboro business?

You might think leasing an ice machine is another viable option. Well, if you lease a commercial ice maker in Jonesboro you’ll be signing on to a long-term commitment. If you cancel an ice machine lease early, you’ll pay penalties. Subscriptions solve that commitment problem with our no term agreement for qualified customers. Affordable subscription fees are paid month-to-month without penalty for cancellation (for qualified customers).

Our ice machine subscriptions offer flexibility that you can’t find if you lease or buy ice makers in Jonesboro. Easy Ice has a flexible upsizing system that allows your ice production to grow as your company grows. If you find you’re going through ice too quickly and need a larger ice maker, we can do that for you. A onetime nominal fee is charged to switch out the ice machines. From there, you just pay the new monthly fee for the larger unit. Simple!

Easy Ice is proud to have customers across all industry sectors in Jonesboro and around the nation.  Restaurants, hotels, health clubs, corporate facilities, contractors, schools, convenience stores, caterers and churches are finding our ice machine solution better than buying or leasing.

We have satisfied customers in Jonesboro, Atlanta, Peachtree City, Decatur, Riverdale, College Park, Fayetteville and Gresham Park. Actually, Easy Ice provides ice machines to companies throughout Georgia.