Subscriptions are the fastest growing alternative to buying or leasing commercial ice machines in Kissimmee!

Is your business in Kissimmee in need of a new ice machine?  Are you tired of paying hundreds in repairs for a nagging problem? Have you considered the pros and cons of buying vs. leasing an ice machine?  What most business owners already know is that buying and leasing an ice machine doesn’t solve the basic problems that arise with an ice maker.

The founders of Easy Ice realized there was a major problem in the ice making industry.  After looking at what business owners needed they decided that a subscription business model was the best solution.

So how does a subscription solve your ice needs in Kissimmee?  You don’t own the ice machine and the only upfront cost you have is a nominal setup fee equal to one month’s subscription.   The best part?  Qualifying businesses only sign onto a month to month contract.  This virtually eliminates your liability!

Subscriptions start at just $135 a month for 600lbs of daily ice making capacity.  All-inclusive and hassle-free!

But what about all the extra costs that come with commercial ice machines in Kissimmee when you buy or lease?  In a subscription all repairs, maintenance, and Breakdown Ice is covered in your fixed monthly fee!

To begin all you need to do is call Easy Ice.  We will set you up with a free estimate and onsite survey.

To prevent problems with the ice maker we pay for bi-annual preventive maintenance.  This maintenance includes a standard water filter replacement.

Apart from great service providers we only use the best equipment.  Easy Ice only uses Hoshizaki ice machines that are manufactured and assembled in America!

Even with regular maintenance, the best equipment, and the best service technicians an ice machine will still break down at some point.  That’s why they are so frustrating!

Easy Ice doesn’t want your business in Kissimmee dealing with the hassle of a breakdown.  Call our 24/7 call center and let us know about the problem.  We will have a service tech out to repair the problem right away.  If your ice maker isn’t producing any ice and you have none left in your ice bin we cover the tab on Breakdown Ice!

Restaurants, hotels, hospitals, resorts, theme parks, convenience stores, and schools need ice.  Give us a call whether you’re located in Kissimmee, St. Cloud, Poinciana, Haines City, Davenport, or anywhere in the greater Orlando area.  Getting commercial ice machines in Kissimmee has never been easier!