Subscriptions for commercial ice machines in Lakewood are available!  All-inclusive and affordable.  Better than buying or leasing ice machines!

Is your Lakewood company looking for a commercial ice machine?  Did you know ice machine subscriptions are a simpler and more cost-effective solution than buying or leasing?

Easy Ice developed subscriptions for commercial ice makers.  We offer our service nationally and we’re the only company that does this.

We’re revolutionizing the way companies provide their guests and staff with ice!

Ice machine subscriptions are simple.  For a one time set up fee and affordable monthly payments, we handle all of your ice needs.  From the best commercial ice machines in Lakewood to repairs to water filters.  Easy Ice takes care of all of this for you!

As a business owner, you have better things to spend thousands of dollars on than an ice machine.  That money is better served being invested in your business.  Invested in personnel or revenue-generating tasks.  We make the investment on the ice machine so you can invest in your business.

Our subscribers receive top of the line ice machines from Hoshizaki. Hoshizaki ice makers are energy-efficient, durable and manufactured in the U.S..  All preventive maintenance is included.  That means routine maintenance, deep cleanings and water filter replacements.

Standard water filters are FREE with our ice machine subscriptions!

We handle all repairs too.  Our technician’s time, labor and ice machine parts are included.  No Hidden Costs!

Subscriptions are more flexible than ice machine leases.  Qualified customers don’t sign a term lease.  And, for qualified customers, cancellations are penalty-free!  We also offer a simple equipment upgrade program.  If your business outgrows the ice machine, we can simply upgrade you to a larger unit (for a nominal fee).

Lakewood companies depend on ice.  Restaurants and hotels in Lakewood need ice for their guests.  Corporate facilities need ice for their employees.  Hospitals, nursing homes and physical therapy clinics need ice for health applications.  And ice machines are crucial for convenience stores, health clubs, schools, churches and golf courses.

Our ice maker subscriptions are available across the United States and throughout Colorado.  We offer subscriptions for commercial ice machines in Lakewood, Denver, Littleton, Englewood, Columbine and Westminster.