The fastest growing service for subscription commercial ice machines in Lawrence is available!

A new subscription for your Lawrence commercial ice makers offers distinctive strengths. For the very affordable month to month subscription, anything you will need is included through the duration of the agreement. There are no surprises & absolutely no add-ons with your company’s monthly subscription with Easy Ice. Our agreement is simple, with only 30 days notification for the termination. And, you may easily upgrade your company’s commercial ice machines in Lawrence with no penalty if your business requirements shift.

Reliable Commercial Ice Makers & our Company’s Ice Guarantee

The Easy Ice Lawrence commercial ice makers enjoy the highest reliability report offered! Yet when a concern actually does come up, we’re there before you find you have no ice. Easy Ice’s professional technicians get there in short order and fix your location’s equipment quick & f-r-e-e of charge. That’s right; parts and labor are standard with your monthly rate. And also our company offers free interim ice to ensure you never ever run out! This is our company guarantee.

We will assist you to structure your enterprise’s ice making strategy to have the most efficiency and cost savings. We take great care to make sure your company’s energy and h2o consumption remains low for the functional life span of our agreement. These Hoshizaki commercial ice makers really are the #1 most water conserving on the market, and that’s why we will only install top–of–the–line Hoshizaki products. Suppose you need a higher capacity solution or new commercial ice makers become accessible which better suit your establishment’s requirements, you will be able to replace or modify without any fee 1 time every yr. Easy Ice will make certain it is simple.

Subscriptions are the preferred ice solution for thousands of businesses, as low as $4 a day!

Our Company’s Commercial Ice Makers Utilize Reduced Water and Much less Electric

Hoshizaki ice makers achieve the Energy STAR® approval stamp! The commercial ice makers that have earned this Energy STAR review are typically 15 percent greater with energy efficiency & 10% more H2O efficient than normal equipment. Our Lawrence, MA units are built to achieve and at times actually beat the Energy STAR criteria.