Capital-free commercial ice makers in Manhattan!

Manhattan companies depend on having ice for their customers and employees, but can they depend on their ice machines?

Commercial ice machines are fickle pieces of equipment and expensive to maintain.  The price of a commercial ice maker is just the beginning of the expenses when you own an ice machine.

Easy Ice understands the challenges of ice machine ownership.  Spending precious capital up front.  Finding reliable repair service.  Being responsible for expense repair bills.  Purchasing backup ice.  Dealing with manufacturer’s warranties.  Buying water filter replacements.  And so one.

Because of these reasons, Easy Ice has devised a revolutionary program that gets you an ice machine without any of the risks.

Easy Ice takes on the risk of commercial ice machine ownership so you can spend your money and time on revenue generating activities.

We call our ice machine offering a subscription because it’s different than a lease or rental.  We work with our customers to ensure that they always have ice in the bin and never have to worry about the ice maker’s performance.  Easy Ice does all the heavy lifting for you.

Easy Ice delivers and installs Hoshizaki commercial ice makers in Manhattan and all over New York.  We use Hoshizaki ice machines and they are state of the art and energy efficient.  Subscriptions also get our Manhattan customers ice bins, ice dispensers and top-kits.

Easy Ice technicians are responsible for all preventive maintenance for the ice machines and go to customers’ sites twice a year for service.  Our Michigan-based customer service team arranges all routine maintenance and ice machine repairs.

When a Manhattan business signs up for an Easy Ice ice machine subscription, they get everything they need to keep the ice flowing:  ice makers, bins and dispensers from Hoshizaki, all the repairs (including parts, labor and standard water filter replacements), all routine maintenance, ice machine cleanings, free backup ice and flexible contract.  Ecolab assists our Manhattan customers with maintenance and repair service.  With Easy Ice, you’re guaranteed the best ice making equipment and service!

Easy Ice has the simplest program for commercial ice makers in Manhattan at an affordable price.  Most of our ice machine subscriptions are monthly and require no long lease.  Qualified customers can cancel an ice machine subscription for any reason without penalty charges and with only 30 days notice.  (Although it’s very rare that customers cancel subscriptions with us.)  For some of our more specialized and larger ice makers we do ask for a 3 year commitment.

One low monthly price for all you need to produce ice without any stress or added expenses!

Manhattan is one of the most visited places in the world and holds many of New York’s famous sites and neighborhoods.  Harlem, Little Italy and Chinatown are in Manhattan.  From the Village to the Lower East Side, Times Square to the Chrysler Building, businesses in Manhattan depend on ice.

If you own or manage a restaurant, hotel, nightclub, corporate facility, convenience store or assisted living facility in Manhattan you need Easy Ice!  We have service throughout New York City and the entire state.  If you need commercial ice makers in Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn or Long Island, give us a call.