Never see an ice machine repair bill again with an Easy Ice commercial ice maker subscription!

Companies need ice but they don’t need the costs associated with owning a commercial ice machine in Marietta. Commercial ice makers are complicated pieces of equipment and break down at times. Repair and service bills added up very fast when you own an ice machine.

Easy Ice offers an all-inclusive ice machine solution providing customers with Hoshizaki commercial ice makers (made in Georgia), all repairs and all preventive maintenance.  Our program also includes free standard water filters, free breakdown ice and more for an affordable, fixed monthly rate.

It shouldn’t be hard or expensive to turn water into clean safe ice, but owning a commercial ice maker is expensive. There’s no reason to own a commercial ice machine in Marietta, or anywhere in Georgia, when Easy Ice has a better way to get ice in your bin.

Easy Ice customers remark that they love the simplicity of our ice machine program. No extra fees, all repairs and free replacement ice makes our offering the simplest way for businesses to get ice machines onto their property.

Our customers never have to worry if the ice machine is performing properly or who to call for repairs. We handle all repairs and maintenance for our customers!

Routine ice machine maintenance is part of our subscription program. Our technicians understand Hoshizaki ice makers better than anyone else in Marietta and they pre-schedule two visits a year to service each ice machine. Because we are so sure of our ice machines’ performance, we totally guarantee our customers have ice or the ice is free.

When an ice maker breaks down (and they all do at some point), our customers simply call our toll-free customer service center to arrange for a repair call. We promise that our technician will have the ice machine running within 6 hours. And, if we can’t live up to that promise, we provide food-quality bagged ice until the ice machine is fixed. Breakdown Ice is the term we use for this added benefit.

Smart business owners in Marietta know that owning a commercial ice maker is not a good fiscal decision. There are too many unknown and unexpected expenses that accompany ice machine ownership. That’s why businesses throughout Cobb County and Marietta are choosing Easy Ice when they are in the market for new commercial ice makers.

Atlanta is only 18 miles from Marietta and Easy Ice has a strong customer base there as well. Georgia companies want ice machines without risk, and that’s exactly what Easy Ice provides. Getting a commercial ice machine in Marietta has never been easier!