Ice machine subscriptions: the most cost-effective solution for your McKinney company’s ice needs!

All-inclusive commercial ice machine subscriptions are the smart choice for restaurants and businesses in McKinney that depend on ice! Why spend precious capital on an ice machine when you don’t have to? Buying a commercial ice makers in McKinney is not best use of your money! You can’t charge more for your ice, right? Smart business owners in McKinney and throughout Texas are choosing Easy Ice over buying ice machines.

With our ice machine subscription you’ll have all the benefits of a reliable ice machine without the unpredictable expenses that come with ownership. We provide our subscribers with a top of the line Hoshizaki ice machine and then make sure it’s always working for you. Simple! For a low, fixed monthly fee, our subscriptions include:


  • Energy-efficient, durable Hoshizaki ice machine
  • Preventive maintenance (2x per year)
  • Free standard water filter replacements (2 per year)
  • All repairs (parts and labor included)
  • Biannual deep-cleaning
  • Free Breakdown Ice
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • No hidden costs!
A reliable supply of ice at a predictable monthly price! A commercial ice machine subscription from Easy Ice is the smart, simple and stress-free solution for your McKinney company’s ice needs!

If you buy commercial ice makers in McKinney, not only do you have the upfront costs but you also have unpredictable costs for the life of the machine. Maintenance, repairs, water filters, back up ice and sanitation all add up — you may have unexpected repair invoice that could mean $1000 off your profits in just one day! Why take that risk?

You’re probably wondering what the difference is between a subscription and leasing a commercial ice machine in McKinney. A couple of key features make subscriptions a better choice than leasing. Ice maker leases will tie you into a long-term agreement — usually 3-5 years. And the leasing company will tack on hefty fees for early cancellation. For qualified customers, subscriptions are month-to-month with a simple 30-day cancellation policy. No extra fees! Subscriptions also offer a no-hassle Upsizing Program. This means as your business grows, your ice making capacity can grow too. A one time nominal fee is charged to replace the ice machine with a larger producing unit and then you simply pay the month-to-month fee of the new model.

No matter if your McKinney business is big or small, you can afford an ice machine on site! We carry models that vary in ice making from 200 – 2000lbs per/day. We have commercial ice makers in McKinney for any industry: restaurants, hotels, schools, golf courses, churches, construction companies, health clubs, hospitals, office complexes and convenience stores. Really, any business that relies on ice!

Easy Ice proudly serves most cities in Texas including McKinney, Dallas, Plano, Garland, Fort Worth, Allen, Frisco, Richardson and Carrollton.