Commercial Ice Machines in Merrillville, IN

All kinds of Merrillville businesses rely on ice for their daily operations—from restaurants and offices to hotels and hospitals. When a steady supply of ice is a must, so is a reliable commercial-grade ice machine.

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When searching for one of these big-ticket machines, however, many business owners find themselves with few good options—often stuck between an unfeasible price tag or a lease agreement that doesn’t meet their needs.

With the nation’s only commercial ice machine subscription model, Easy Ice offers Merrillville businesses like yours an easier way to get the ice they need. We take all the stress and hassle out of your ice supply so you can focus on what matters: your business.

From finding the right machine to handling maintenance and repairs, Easy Ice has you covered every step of the way. Find out how our all-inclusive ice solution can benefit your business below:

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Merrillville Ice Machine Subscriptions

Purchasing a new ice machine in Indiana (or anywhere, for that matter!) gets extremely pricey, and leaves you responsible for maintenance and repairs—both of which are crucial for long-term performance. 

You could buy a used machine, but if the previous owner wasn’t on top of the maintenance schedule or had a harsh work environment, you could be stuck with a broken-down ice maker before you know it.

Traditional ice machine leases are another option, but all too often leave customers responsible for maintenance, repairs, and bagged ice if the machine breaks down. We think our customers deserve better, and that’s why an Easy Ice Subscription offers you all of the following features and benefits at an affordable, monthly rate:

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Subscription Program Highlights

  • Top Quality Ice Machines, Bins & Dispensers

  • Delivery & Installation

  • Preventive Maintenance & Cleaning

  • All Repairs, Including Parts & Labor

  • Professional Grade Water Filtration System

  • Complimentary Breakdown Ice

  • Simple Ice Machine Upgrade

  • Maintenance and Repairs from Ice Machine Experts

    Some business owners make the mistake of calling an HVAC or refrigeration company to perform maintenance and repairs on their ice machines. These companies may know the basics of commercial ice machine care, but they're not specialists. Easy Ice technicians are experts. With us, you know your ice machine is getting cleaned, inspected, and fixed by a genuine ice machine specialist.

  • Professional Sanitization of Ice Machines and Bins

    You probably don't know that cleaning and sanitizing are two different processes when it comes to ice machines and their bins. We do both every time we perform preventive maintenance on an ice maker.

  • Effective Preventive Maintenance

    Preventing ice machine breakdowns beats dealing with them once they happen. The preventive maintenance and cleanings we perform for our clients do just that: stopping problems before they start and prolonging the life of the ice machine.

  • Professional Diagnostic Testing of Ice Maker Issues

    Our technicians recognize warning signs of developing mechanical issues that non-experts miss. They can also diagnose problems that would stump HVAC, refrigeration, and other commercial appliance technicians.

  • An Ice Machine Service Team You Can Count On

    Your Merrillville business needs clean ice for every customer that walks through your door. Easy Ice technicians will make sure you always have it. We'll respond to your calls for ice machine repairs and maintenance as quickly as possible.

Top-of-the-Line Equipment

Whatever your ice needs are, our team has decades of experience providing you with the right equipment for your business. We provide our customers with ice makers from the industry's leadning brands—including Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, Scotsman, and more. Our extensive inventory of commercial ice machines available to Merrillville businesses can accommodate any amount of daily ice needs, as well as preferred ice type.

Our subscription also gives you the flexibility to change ice machines and equipment as your business needs evolve.

How an Easy Ice Subscription Works:

1. Contact our Team:

Reach out to Easy Ice with your information, and our team will get back to you to find the right commercial ice solution for your business.

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2. Account Setup:

We’ll give you a quote based on your current business needs and work environment. Upon approval, we’ll email you the contract along with a link to set up your account. In the meantime, you will send us pictures of:

  • Your current ice maker (or its designated space)
  • The drain area
  • Water supply
  • Electrical

With this information, we can pre-approve your space for inspection. Once these steps are complete and the contract is signed, you’ll be introduced to your Onboarding Specialist.

3. Preparation:

Now it’s time to get your worksite ready for the ice machine, so we can schedule the installation. When reviewing your photos, we may find slight alterations are needed to the space before install—your dedicated Onboarding Specialist will let you know and give you further instructions.

4. Site Survey:

During the preparation process, it’s likely we’ll send a representative out to check your worksite to ensure your space is ice-machine ready.

5. Installation:

Once your site is approved, we’ll work with you to schedule a convenient time for our team to install the machine. From here on, our Service Team will schedule your preventive maintenance, dispatch service, and handle any necessary backup ice deliveries.

Welcome to the Easy Ice Family!

Why Indiana Chooses Easy Ice

Businesses in Merrillville and its neighboring cities choose subscriptions from Easy Ice because we offer a level of flexibility, affordability, and convenience that can’t be beat. Ready to find out what life is like when you don’t have to worry about your ice machine? Reach out to Easy Ice today!

Regional Office: 815 S Halleck St, De Motte, IN 46310

Areas Serviced

Easy Ice is proud to provide commercial ice machines and industry-leading service in Merrillville, as well as the following nearby areas:

  •  Indianapolis
  •  South Bend
  •  Fishers
  •  Hammond
  •  Lafayette
  •  Kokomo
  •  Anderson
  •  Mishawaka
  •  Portage
  •  Goshen
  •  Valparaiso
  •  Crown Point
  •  Michigan City
  •  Zionsville
  •  Hobart
  •  Schererville
  •  East Chicago
  •  Munster
  •  Highland
  •  La Porte
  •  St. John
  •  Dyer
  •  Crawfordsville
  •  Griffith
  •  Cedar Lake