All-inclusive commercial ice machine subscriptions available in Milpitas!  No capital required!

Does your company use a commercial ice machine?  Have you had enough of the unpredictability of owning a commercial ice maker in Milpitas?  Tired of the surprise repair and maintenance expenses?

Smart business owners in Milpitas and across the country are choosing subscriptions over buying commercial ice machines.

What’s an ice machine subscription, you may ask?  Subscriptions are the fastest growing business model for companies that depend on ice.  Subscriptions are all-inclusive, affordable and completely stress-free!

Commercial ice machine subscriptions from Easy Ice are simple, smart and stress-free!

As a business owner or manager in Milpitas, you need to focus on what you do best; running your restaurant, hotel, corporate facility, convenience store or health club.  You shouldn’t have to spend a minute of your time on ice production!

Sure, you need ice, but you can’t charge more for it.  Why spend the capital buying a commercial ice maker in Milpitas?  Why would you tie yourself into a long-term commitment with a lease for an ice machine?

Milpitas companies are joining smart business owners throughout the US by switching their ice machine responsibilities to Easy Ice.  We developed the subscription model as an alternative to buying or leasing commercial ice machines.  We thought of everything — and we mean Everything — to keep your ice bin full of ice at all times!

We take the capital risk for our customers by buying the ice machines.  We’ve place thousands of ice makers into companies and we trust Hoshizaki.  Hoskizaki ice machines, ice bins and ice dispensers are the best in the business.

Since we own them, we lose money when they don’t work.  That’s why our subscriptions include twice-yearly preventive maintenance.  This way we can diagnose and fix any potential issues before they become full blown problems.  We clean the ice machines and replace the water filters.  No hassles for our customers!

We do our best to find issues before they cause a breakdown, but ice machines are complicated and breakdowns are inevitable.  No worries for our customers!  We supply our customers, free of charge, with Breakdown Ice if we can’t repair a problem quickly.  No hassle, no extra costs!

Our service is nationwide.  We cover Milpitas, Fremont, Gilroy, Morgan Hill, Santa Clara and the entire South Bay Area of California.  Getting a commercial ice maker in Milpitas has never been easier!