Subscriptions are the go-to answer for Minneapolis companies that need ice.  Affordable, all-inclusive and dependable!

All kinds of companies need commercial ice makers in Minneapolis.  Companies in the hospitality space need ice machines; restaurants, hotels, music venues, bars and B&Bs.  Convenience stores and grocery stores need ice machines.  Other Minneapolis businesses that depend on ice are corporate facilities, schools, health clubs, hospitals, golf courses, hockey rinks and churches.

You excel in running your business.  Easy Ice excels in providing your business with the best ice machine program available in Minneapolis.  We’re the ice machine experts and we’re the only national company offering subscriptions.

Subscriptions mean one low, monthly price for all your ice needs.  No capital required!  No lease (for qualified companies).  Our program is simple: customers pay a monthly fee and we handle everything having to do with the ice machine.

Subscriptions as low as $4 a day!  No capital.  No hassle.  Just Ice!

If you buy commercial ice makers in Minneapolis, you have to spend a good amount of capital up front.  Then you’re stuck with repair and maintenance bills for the duration of the ice maker’s life.  Commercial ice machines are notoriously unpredictable.  Easy Ice brings predictability to an unpredictable piece of equipment.

We take care of all preventive maintenance and repairs, saving our customers money and stress.  If you’ve owned an ice maker, you know the drill.  You have to remember to schedule routine maintenance.  You have to pay for maintenance.  You need to have the ice maker cleaned regularly and must replace water filters frequently.  All of these activities are costly and time consuming.

Then you have the expenses of repairs.  Ice machine repairs can be expensive!  And they’re never predictable, making budgeting impossible.  The smarter choice is an Easy Ice subscription.

Even if the ice machine needs repair, subscriptions have you fully covered.  Subscriptions include all repairs to the ice maker.  That means labor and parts are included and you’ll never pay another repair bill again!

Our U.S.-based customer care team is available 24/7.  Our customers simply call our toll-free number anytime of day or night to report a problem.  We dispatch a technician and take care of all repairs.  If we can’t get to your repair in a timely manner, we provide our customers with Breakdown Ice.  You’ll never spend money on bagged ice again!  Call us today to hear all about the benefits of our program for commercial ice makers in Minneapolis!