Choose the fastest growing alternative to buying or leasing commercial ice machines in Miramar Beach!

Your Miramar Beach business depends on an ice machine for employees and customers.  There is nothing worse than a hot humid day in Florida and you realize your ice machine is broken.  When you buy or lease an ice machine you will be left paying hundreds in repairs and bagged ice.

The worst part about buying and leasing commercial ice machines in Miramar Beach is the upfront costs and long-term commitment.  When your monthly costs are variable and you’re tied into a long-term commitment how can you plan ahead as a business?  You can’t!

Easy Ice has developed the subscription business model to fix these problems!  Miramar Beach businesses can receive a top of the line Hoshizaki ice machine for one low monthly payment.  This payment covers everything you will need for clean and reliable ice.  The best part is that qualifying businesses can subscribe on a month to month contract with no cancelation fees!

Subscriptions can give you 600lbs of daily ice making capacity for only $135 a month!

To begin the subscription you will be required to pay a onetime nominal setup fee.  This fee is equal to one month’s subscription price. Otherwise your costs are fixed.  No more repair bills!  No more maintenance bills!  No more bagged ice bills!

Easy Ice has a 24/7 support line that is available 365 days a year.  If there is ever a problem with your ice maker just give us a call.  We will contact a local service technician to repair the issue within 48 hours.  If repair can’t be out the same day we will pay for Breakdown Ice.

With Easy Ice you can be confident that your ice bins will stay full no matter what happens to your ice maker!

To keep your ice machine running properly and producing clean ice we pay for bi-annual preventive maintenance.  This helps us to inspect the ice maker and repair issues before they become a problem.  We include a standard water filter replacement during these cleanings as well.

Restaurants, hotels, hospitals, resorts, golf courses, schools, construction landscaping businesses, and utility companies need ice. Don’t spend more then you have to each month.  Your business in Miramar Beach deserves the most affordable hassle free ice solution available.

Easy Ice is the preferred option over buying and leasing ice machines for thousands of businesses around the country.  Give us a call for your free estimate and onsite survey if you’re located anywhere in the Miramar Beach area.  Our service extends through Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, Laguna Beach, and Panama City Beach.  Getting commercial ice machines in Miramar Beach has never been easier!