Flat-rate, inclusive program that guarantees ice in your bin!

Where do smart business owners go to get commercial ice machines in Montgomery, AL? The answer is simple: Easy Ice!

Easy Ice is the only national company with a presence in Montgomery that 100% Guarantees your ice supply with No Capital required. No need to own, lease or rent commercial ice machines in Montgomery — Easy Ice has a simpler solution!

Owning a commercial ice maker is costly and leasing is inflexible, that’s why Easy Ice developed a program that handles all aspects of your ice supply. Easy Ice takes the risk of ice machine ownership so you can concentrate on growing your business.  Subscriptions are a flat-rate and affordable.

Our ice machine subscriptions are not traditional rentals. We get you top of the line equipment (renting often means sub-standard ice makers) plus all the features and benefits that guarantee you always have ice. Easy Ice has partnered exclusively with Hoshizaki, the finest manufacturers of ice machines. Hoshizaki develops best-in-breed ice makers and manufactures them right here in the United States.

For an affordable fixed monthly rate, our commercial ice machine subscribers in Montgomery enjoy peace of mind knowing they will always have a bin full of ice.

Easy Ice customers never have to worry about a broken ice machine because their subscriptions guarantee they will always have ice. If our technicians can’t fix an out of service ice maker in 3-6 hours, we cover replacement ice ensuring the bin is always full of ice. We call replacement ice Breakdown Ice, and it’s included in every Easy Ice commercial ice machine subscription.

Restaurants are abundant in the capital city of Montgomery and those kitchens and bars cannot function without ice. Our ice maker subscriptions are the perfect solution for restaurants who depend on ice — and that would be every restaurant in Montgomery!

Montgomery offers southern hospitality in it’s 7000+ hotel rooms. From bed and breakfasts to 4-star luxury accommodations, Montgomery has it all. And every one of these hotels and motels needs commercial ice machines for their guests.

Part of southern hospitality is catering to your guests’ every need. And every hotel guest in Montgomery expects access to an ice machine. When a guest sees a “not in service” sign on an ice maker, it takes away from their positive experience.

Easy Ice has partnered with the biggest names in the frozen water industry to bring our customers in Montgomery (and nationally) the best ice makers and best service available.  Hoshizaki ice machines, ice bins and ice dispensers are best in breed.

Montgomery’s key businesses need well performing ice machines and a reliable source of ice to be successful.  Government offices, convenience stores, schools, hotels and churches in Montgomery need a dependable and low-cost ice machine solution.  Other facilities that depend on commercial ice machines in Montgomery are landscapers, hospitals, golf courses, caterers, night clubs and assisted living centers.

Companies throughout Alabama and the greater Montgomery area are choosing Easy Ice over leasing or owning commercial ice machines. We’re a national company serving Montgomery and surrounding cities like Talladega, Ozark, Alabaster, Tusegee, and Millbrook.

Getting commercial ice machines in Montgomery has never been easier!