Moore and Oklahoma City area companies that depend on ice are choosing Easy Ice for their ice machines. Low cost and all-inclusive!

Commercial ice machines are necessary to most Moore, OK companies. Hospitality businesses need reliable ice makers (restaurants, hotels, event centers and theaters). And so do schools, churches, office complexes, hospitals, golf courses, transportation and manufacturing facilities.

Why take on the hassles of owning a commercial ice maker in Moore when you don’t have to? Easy Ice understands the high costs of ice machine ownership. And that’s why we’ve developed a simpler solution to your business’s ice needs. We call our service a subscription because we offer more than a standard ice machine lease.

So, what’s the most cost-effective way to guarantee your company always has ice? Subscribing to a commercial ice maker in Moore instead of owning!

For an affordable fixed monthly rate, Easy Ice will get your company in Moore set up with the best performing ice machine. Our service includes maintenance visits every 6 months. And during these maintenance calls, our technicians also deep-clean the ice machine. Health inspectors always look at the ice maker and if it’s not sanitary and clean you can be fined. Or, in worst cases, your restaurant could be temporarily shut down. Food safety (which includes ice safety) is crucial to your business and we’re here to help you!

restaurants, hotels, ice maker, commercial ice machineIn addition to maintenance and cleanings, Easy Ice subscriptions include all repairs. That’s right — you pay nothing for labor or parts, it’s included in your low cost subscription fee. Did you know that the average price for commercial ice machine repairs is $400? And that’s an unexpected expense which throws off your monthly budgeting.

Ice maker subscriptions also include standard water filter replacements (2 per year) and free Breakdown Ice. That means if the ice machine is not performing and needs repairs, we guarantee you’ll have ice until it’s fixed. In many markets, we’re able to deliver bagged ice right to your facility. And if we’re not able to deliver ice, Easy Ice will reimburse you for ice you purchase until we have the commercial ice maker in Moore up and running again.

Commercial ice machine subscriptions save Moore, OK businesses money, time and stress! You have enough to worry about running your business. You don’t need to worry about how your ice machine is performing as well! Easy Ice is here to simplify your operations and your budget!

Easy Ice has customers throughout the Oklahoma City metro area. We offer our ice machine subscriptions in cities around Oklahoma City including Moore, Edmond, Shawnee, Norman, Bethany and Mustang.