Cost-effective commercial ice machine program for Napa businesses!

Napa Valley is a tourist mecca with an abundance of hotels, spas, restaurants and wineries (of course!).  These businesses need ice for their customers and guests.  What’s the best solution for Napa companies that need a reliable source of ice?  Commercial ice machine subscriptions from Easy Ice!

Our subscription model for ice makers is different (and better) than ice machine leases or rentals in Napa.  For a low monthly fee, we provide your company with a new ice machine, maintenance, repairs, standard water filter replacements, backup and more.  Ice bins and ice dispensers are available for a small add on cost.  Unlike a lease, our qualified customers do not sign a term agreement.  Most leases for commercial ice makers in Napa will tie you in for 3-5 years, with severe penalties for early cancellation or any changes.  We think that’s too restrictive. Qualified subscribers can cancel at anytime with only 30 days notice and no cancellation fees!

Another difference between ice machine subscriptions and leases in Napa is our Upsizing Program. Let’s say your restaurant needs about 500 lbs of ice per day, but a year later you need more. No problem!  If your ice production needs grow, you can switch to a bigger ice machine for a one time set up fee.  Simple! You shouldn’t be penalized for your success!

All-inclusive and 100% guaranteed! You can’t go wrong with an ice machine subscription for your Napa business!

You might be thinking “I have the money, isn’t it better to buy an ice machine”?  The answer would be a resounding NO! As celebrity chef and TV personality Robert Irvine says “I’ll never own an ice machine again”!  Chef Irvine is just one of many revered restaurateurs who have chosen Easy Ice subscriptions over buying their ice machine. Our clients include Marc Murphy, Todd English and Amanda Freitag, to name just a few.

Owning commercial ice makers in Napa means a big upfront outlay of cash. Or, you can finance, which means you’re paying even more with interest. To maintain the ice machine, you’ll be paying for regular maintenance and sanitation.  Water filters are expensive and must be changed out at least twice a year to ensure the ice is clean and safe. That’s more money out of your pocket! And then you have repairs — those big, unpredictable costs that add up quickly.  Why take the risk when you don’t have to?

Subscriptions include:

  • Hoshizaki commercial ice machine
  • Biannual preventive maintenance and deep-cleanings
  • 2 standard water filter replacements per year
  • All repairs to the ice machine
  • Complimentary Breakdown Ice
  • 24/7 US-based customer support
  • Peace of mind!

Easy Ice offers ice machine subscriptions throughout Northern California and the Napa Valley.  We serve more than just hospitality businesses.  Our clients include school district, corporate facilities, golf courses and gyms, churches, convenience stores, nursing homes and landscapers. If you need reliable commercial ice makers in Napa, Sonoma, Novato, Petaluma, Vallejo, San Francisco, Oakland and San Rafael give us a call!