All-inclusive commercial ice machine subscriptions are the fastest growing ice solution in Nashua!

Does your business in Nashua depend on ice?  Have you been spending hundreds, even thousands on ice machine repair bills?  Can your technician never seem to find out what is wrong with your ice machine?  Have you wasted countless hours ordering, or picking up bagged ice?

We hear it all the time.  “I can’t stand my ice machine!” or “Isn’t there an easier way to get affordable ice?”  These statements are so common between business owners that ice machines have been rated as the #1 piece of equipment a business owner would least like to own.  This is why our founders decided that they could build a successful subscription ice machine program that added huge value to owners and managers.

Before we introduced the subscription, your Nashua business has only been able to buy or lease commercial ice machines.  This left you spending thousands upfront or signing a 3 to 5 year lease.  When you buy and lease ice machines you are left paying for all repairs, maintenance, and bagged ice bills.

When you subscribe you pay one fixed monthly rate.  Qualifying businesses only sign onto a monthly contract with no cancelation fees on a 30 day notice.  Your subscription price pays for all maintenance, repairs, and Breakdown Ice!

Customers love Easy Ice!

Our subscriptions offer so many benefits that customers can’t believe prices are as low as $135 a month!

Are you ready to sign up your Nashua business for a subscription?  Start by calling our 24/7 call center.  They are always ready to help with any of your ice related needs.

When you start a subscription you will receive a top of the line Hoshizaki ice machine.  Hoshizaki ice makers are the best in the industry and made right here in America!

If you need repair service we have you covered.  Easy Ice pays for all repairs on your ice machine.  When you call our support line they will contact a technician who will be out to your business the same day or within 48 hours.  If they can’t repair the problem the same day we pay for Breakdown Ice to keep your business ready for the day.

To prevent breakdowns we pay for bi-annual maintenance with standard water filter changes.  This allows us to inspect the ice maker and ensure it is producing clean ice!

Thousands of businesses have switched to subscriptions.  Call Easy Ice if your business is in Nashua, Hudson, Tyngsboro, Dracut, Lowell, Merrimack, Litchfield, Bedford, Manchester, Chelmsford, or the greater Boston metropolitan area.  Subscriptions are the perfect solution for restaurants, bars, hotels, hospitals, convenience stores, schools, universities, airports, and malls.