Low-cost and all-inclusive commercial ice machine program in Newark, NJ!

Why are companies in Newark and the NYC area choosing ice machine subscriptions over buying or leasing? Because subscriptions are simply the smarter solution for businesses that depend on ice! Subscriptions take the burden of ice machine ownership off your shoulders, saving our customers money, time and hassles.

Do you own or manage a business in Newark that depends on ice for your customer or employees? Subscriptions guarantee ice in your bin for low, fixed monthly fee. For just dollars per day you can be assured that you’ll always have ice, yet have none of the unpredictable expenses associated with a commercial ice maker in Newark.

No capital is required! Easy Ice purchases the Hoshizaki ice machine for you and we maintain it too.  Simple!  A small set up fee is all that’s required to get you started. Qualified businesses in Newark are not tied to a term agreement.  That’s right! Unlike typical leases for a commercial ice maker in Newark, we don’t require qualified customers to sign on to long term agreement.  Most leases for commercial ice machines require a 3-5 year lease agreement and will charge you penalty fees for early cancellations or changes.  No extra fees with an ice machine subscription!

Predictable price, predictable ice! Easy Ice is the go-to solution for Newark companies who depend on a supply of ice!

Did you know that 85% of costs of ice machine ownership are Post-purchase? Savvy restaurant owners like celebrity chefs Robert Irvine and Marc Murphy don’t own their ice machines. They trust Easy Ice!

Subscriptions for a commercial ice maker in Newark include:

  • State of the art Hoshizaki ice machine (bins, dispensers and stands also available)
  • 2 Preventive maintenance visits at your Newark location per year
  • 2 Deep cleanings of the ice machine per year
  • 2 Standard water filter replacements per year
  • All repairs (Hoshizaki ice machine parts and labor included)
  • Breakdown Ice
  • 24/7 Customer Support

You won’t find an easier and more economical ice machine program in Newark!

Easy Ice is the only national company offering all-inclusive ice machine subscriptions. We have service throughout the lower 48 states and in New Jersey and New York.

We have Hoshizaki commercial ice maker models for every industry: restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, corporate offices, hospitals, health clubs, golf courses, schools, churches and event centers. Our ice machine subscriptions are so affordable that nearly every business in Newark that needs ice can afford a commercial ice machine subscription.

We serve Newark and the greater New York City area including Jersey City, East Orange, Elizabeth, Union, Bloomfield, Orange and NYC boroughs.