Low cost, end-to-end commercial ice machine program is available in Norfolk!

Are you in the market for a new commercial ice maker in Norfolk?  Are you tired of all the unexpected expenses that come with buying an ice machine?  We have a better solution for Norfolk companies that depend on ice: Commercial ice machine subscriptions!

Subscriptions are more cost-effective, flexible and inclusive than buying, leasing or renting a commercial ice machine in Norfolk. Our all-inclusive service includes Hoshizaki ice machines, maintenance, cleanings, water filters, repairs, Breakdown Ice, 24/7 U.S.-based support and more for a Low Monthly Fee!

You won’t find an ice machine lease or rental in Norfolk that’s as reliable, predictable and low-cost as a subscription!

Sure, you can buy an ice machine, but why would you? If you buy a commercial ice maker in Norfolk you have a huge upfront payment. Then you have expenses for delivery, installation, cleanings, repairs, water filters and back up ice. The purchase price of the ice maker is only the beginning of the costs!

Chef Robert Irvine has our ice machine subscriptions in his restaurants and his advice is “never own an ice machine”. Celebrity restaurateurs like Robert Irvine, Marc Murphy and Gordon Ramsay all have our ice machines in their restaurants.  If some of the top chefs in the country prefer our service, shouldn’t your Norfolk business consider an ice machine subscription?

Easy Ice put a lot of thought into the subscription model for commercial ice makers and our customers love them!  We’ve purchased thousands of Hoshizaki ice machines for customers nationwide, throughout Virginia and in Norfolk.  Our hassle-free and reliable approach to your ice needs will save your Norfolk business time, money and stress.

There is No Capital required for our ice maker subscriptions!  And qualified companies in Norfolk don’t even have to sign a term agreement!  Qualified customers in Norfolk and across Virginia can cancel their subscription at anytime without penalty fees (with 30 days notice).

We also have a flexible equipment upsizing program in case you need a larger ice machine in the future.  We want your Norfolk business to succeed and you shouldn’t be punished for your success!  Subscriptions give you the flexibility to move to a higher ice making capacity machine if you need it.  A small charge to swap out the ice machines and from there you just pay the monthly fee of the new ice maker.  Easy!

Maintenance and repairs are included in your subscription.  If you own or lease an ice machine in Norfolk, these are expenses that would come out of your pocket.  Subscriptions cover these costs plus ice machine cleanings, water filter replacements and Breakdown Ice.  You won’t find a better value for an ice machine program in Norfolk!

If you need a new commercial ice maker in Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, Chester or Suffolk, give us a call!