All-inclusive and affordable commercial ice machine subscriptions are available in Northern California!

Does your business need a commercial ice machine in Northern California?  Don’t spend your capital buying or get locked into a restrictive lease — Easy has has your ultimate ice machine solution!

Easy Ice is revolutionizing the way businesses supply ice with our comprehensive bundled packages for commercial ice machines. Easy Ice provides the ice makers (state of the art Hoshizaki ice machines manufactured in U.S.A.), all repairs and much more at an affordable monthly rate.

Easy Ice commercial ice machine subscriptions start at $129 per month and include everything you need to keep the ice flowing. Need ice bins and dispensers?  They can be added for a small additional monthly fee.  Water filters?  Standard water filter replacements are Free!  Backup ice if the ice machine is broken?  Included! We call that benefit Breakdown Ice and it’s complimentary for ice machine subscribers.

You won’t find a simpler or more economic offering for a commercial ice machine in Northern California.

With an Easy Ice commercial ice maker subscription, your business will never worry about it’s ice supply again!

Easy Ice is a national company with a wide presence in Northern California.  From San Francisco to Silicon Valley, Easy Ice has the right ice machine for you and skilled technicians to ensure the ice makers are always running optimally.

Northern California is home to some of the nation’s largest and most prestigious hospitals.  Children’s Hospital in Oakland, Stanford Medical Center and U.S.F., just to name a few.  Hospitals depend on functional ice machines.  In a hospital environment, a ready supply of ice can be critical.  Literally!

Hospitals, assisted living facilities and physical therapy centers need ice machines for health applications.  Restaurants, hotels and convenience stores need ice makers for pleasure and profit.

Regardless of industry, if you need ice in Northern California, Easy Ice is the most reliable and affordable commercial ice machine solution.

Our customers from Santa Cruz to Napa Valley have made the decision that it’s too costly and unpredictable to buy an ice machine. And they don’t want the inflexibility of an ice maker lease or rental.

Easy Ice provides ice makers and service in all parts of Northern California; San Mateo, San Jose, Marin, Fremont, Oakland, Berkeley, Walnut Creek, Morgan Hill, Sacramento… You name a city and Easy Ice is there to serve you with the best ice machines plus all of our subscription benefits.

Easy Ice takes the risk of ice machine ownership so you can focus on profit-generating equipment and activities.

Corporate facilities, golf courses, convenience stores and restaurants in Northern California and the Bay Area are choosing Easy Ice as their ice machine partner.  Our customers know they can count on us at any time of the day, any day of the year and that gives them peace of mind.

Why spend another moment worrying about the performance of an ice machine or another dollar on expensive repair costs?  Easy Ice guarantees your ice supply at a fixed rate.  And we’re the only company in Northern California who can guarantee your ice supply without a long-term lease or capital.  Seriously, getting a commercial ice machine in Northern California has never been easier!