No hassle commercial ice machine subscriptions are available in Oakland!

Do you need commercial ice makers in Oakland, CA? Don’t lease, rent or buy! Easy Ice has a better ice machine solution.

Easy Ice is the only national company with a presence in Oakland that 100% lifetime guarantees an ice machine with No Capital or restrictive lease. Easy Ice has developed an end-to-end service for commercial ice machines that’s reliable, affordable and simple.

Oakland businesses from hospitals to corporate facilities, hotels to restaurants, depend on a steady supply of clean, safe ice for their customers and employees. Children’s Hospital in Oakland is one of the best children’s trauma centers in the country and they depend on ice for health applications such as injuries and burns. Hospitals cannot be without well-functioning commercial ice machines.

Subscriptions for as low as $135 a month!

Oakland is a lively city with a rabid professional sports following. Oakland Raider’s fans are diehard about their team. Bars and restaurants are packed with black and silver clad patrons during games, and those fans want ice in their drinks.

A crowded bar or restaurant can’t afford to deal with a misbehaving ice machine. Customers need ice and business owners need a better option for their ice supply other than owning commercial ice makers in Oakland. Easy Ice has the best offering in Oakland that gets your business everything it needs to guarantee your customers and employees always have ice at an affordable price.

Oakland is just across the Bay Bridge from San Francisco and is the eighth most populated city in California. Just east of downtown Oakland is Lake Merritt. This beautiful park has a large estuary, which was designated as the United States’ first official wildlife refuge.

Jack London Square, named for the the author and former Oakland resident, has shops, restaurants and art galleries appealing to tourists and residents. The square is located on the San Francisco Bay and offers gorgeous views and excellent dining. On a sunny day, you’ll find patrons sipping ice-filled beverages while watching the seagulls and admiring the view.

Icy drinks wouldn’t be possible without commercial ice machines and most businesses in Oakland depend on them. Convenience stores rely on ice dispensers in their soda fountains and bars always need ice in the bins.

Easy Ice is the only commercial ice maker provider that promises your business always has ice, or the ice is free. Our unbeatable Breakdown Ice program guarantees you have ice in the bin even if the ice machine is broken. If our technicians are unable to repair a broken ice maker within 3-6 hours, Easy Ice provides you with food-quality bagged ice until the machine is fixed at No Extra Charge!

Smart business owners are choosing Easy Ice for their commercial ice makers in Oakland because our offering is all-inclusive, hassle-free and affordable.