Best all-inclusive ice machine program in Peachtree City, Georgia!

Do you need a commercial ice maker in Peachtree City?  Before you lease or buy an ice maker, consider a subscription instead.  Ice machine subscriptions are better than leasing, renting or purchasing a commercial ice machine.

Subscriptions are fully-inclusive.  We’ve partnered with Hoshizaki, the world’s premiere ice machine manufacturer.  Hoshizaki commercial ice makers are energy-efficient and dependable. Hoshizaki manufactures it’s ice machines in South Peachtree City.  Made in the U.S.A.

Anyone who’s owned a commercial ice machine can tell you about the headaches.  Water filter replacements, maintenance and cleanings are ongoing expenses.  And when the ice machine breaks, you need to find a repair technician you can trust.  Bills for commercial ice machine repairs are always unexpected and often expensive.

Why would you want to take the responsibility and risk of ice machine ownership?  Subscriptions are a better choice.  Predictable.  Reliable.  Affordable.

Our ice machine subscriptions guarantee you have ice, without any brain-freeze!

Guaranteed ice without any hassles or added expenses is what our customers love about Easy Ice.  We’re a national company with service in Peachtree City and throughout Georgia.  Being national, we buy a lot of ice machines for our customers.  And our buying power gets us the best deal with our partner Hoshizaki.  We pass that savings on to our customers in our affordable prices.

Subscriptions include ice makers from Hoshizaki, all preventive maintenance and repairs.  We’re motivated to keep the ice machines running at their best, since we own them.  Our goal is your goal: hassle-free ice in the bin.

We promise to cover the cost of replacement ice if we can’t fix a broken ice machine quickly. Breakdown Ice is our promise and it’s on our dime.

Our ice machine subscriptions save our customers money and hassle.  Providing ice for your employees and guests shouldn’t be stressful.  Easy Ice makes it easy for companies to maintain a steady supply of ice.

We’re honored to serve customers in Peachtree City and the surrounding cities like Fayetteville, Atlanta, Riverdale, College Park, Douglasville and Stockbridge.

If you have a restaurant in Peachtree City, we’re ready to get you set up with the most reliable ice machine you’ll never own!  Likewise, if you own or manage a hotel, corporate facility, convenience store, hospital, health club, church or golf course, we have the ice machine for you.  Getting a commercial ice maker in Peachtree City has never been easier!