Ice machine performance without extra costs!  The best commercial ice makers in Provo you’ll never own!

Provo businesses need ice for their employees and guests.  But that doesn’t mean you have to buy a commercial ice maker.  Our ice machine subscriptions are simpler, more affordable and more reliable than if you owned the equipment.

The purchase price of a commercial ice maker is only the beginning of the expenses.  If the ice machine isn’t maintained regularly, you’ll lose ice production and reduce the life of the machine.  Water filters need to be replaced every 6 months (minimum).  Ice machine repairs can be costly and are always unexpected.  Plus, you have the expense of replacement ice if you own an ice machine.

Our subscriptions include All of these expenses for a low monthly cost.  Does the ice machine need maintenance?  If you have an Easy Ice subscription, we handle that for you.  Is the ice maker broken and in need of repair?  No costs with this either if you have one of our ice machine subscriptions.

We pride ourselves in helping our customers succeed and grow.  We allow business owners and managers to focus on generating revenue, not dealing with finicky commercial ice makers in Provo.

We’re the only national company in Provo that offers all-inclusive ice machine subscriptions.

Your customers and employees expect clean, safe ice.  Our program guarantees you have ice in the bin without any of the hassles or expenses of ownership.  Ice machine subscriptions from Easy Ice are flexible, unlike many leases or rentals.  For qualified customers, most of our ice makers come with a no-penalty cancellation policy.

Our standard ice machines don’t require a long-term lease (for qualified customers).  And, we offer a simple ice machine upgrade program.  As your business grows, we grow with you.  A small, one time fee is charged for us to bring you a new bigger (or smaller) ice machine.  Flexible.  Affordable.  Simple!

If you own a restaurant or hotel in Provo, Easy Ice is the practical and predictable choice as your ice machine partner.  Golf courses, country clubs and ski resorts all need ice.  And any convenience store, church or school in Provo needs a commercial ice machine.

Subscriptions are more cost-effective and predictable than owning.  Subscriptions are more flexible than leases or rentals.  If you need commercial ice makers in Provo, Easy Ice is ready to serve you with the best all-inclusive program in the country!