The last (and best) commercial ice machine you’ll Never own in Queens!

Are you looking for commercial ice machines in Queens?  Don’t lease, rent or buy!  Easy Ice has a new solution for companies that depend on ice machines in Queens that’s stress-free and affordable!

We call our all-inclusive commercial ice machine offering a subscription. Subscriptions are different than leasing or renting commercial ice machines in Queens.  Our program is an end-to-end solution that guarantees you will always have ice in the bin!

Our national commercial ice machine program takes all the hassles out of having an ice machine.  We don’t lease, rent or sell commercial ice machines — we give our customers a peace of mind with a complete solution to all their ice needs.

Have you ever heard of a 100% guarantee on an ice machine?  We’re the only national company that completely guarantees the performance of our ice makers, or the ice is free!  For a low monthly fee, Queens businesses can have a new ice machine, repairs, maintenance, Free standard water filter replacements, Breakdown Ice, 24/7 support and more!

We even provide Breakdown Ice (bagged ice) if the ice machine is broken and we can’t repair it quickly!

Businesses in Queens rely on a steady source of ice for their employees and customers. Summers can get hot and muggy in New York and guests expect a ready supply of ice.

We’ve partnered with Hoshizaki to provide our customers with the best commercial ice machines on the market. Hoshizaki ice makers are stainless steel and produce the best, clump-resistant ice cubes.

Easy Ice commercial ice machine subscriptions are fully inclusive. One monthly expense gets companies in Queens and all over New York City every component to guarantee ice production.  The affordable monthly cost is fixed and based on the size and model ice machine you need.

Unlike typical leases for commercial ice makers in Queens, our qualified customers do not sign a term agreement.  And can cancel their ice machine subscription without penalty fees with just 30 days notice!  Subscriptions are simply a smarter choice than leasing commercial ice machines in Queens!

All repairs and preventative maintenance come with every Easy Ice subscription.  Our customers are thrilled that they never have to pay for repairs, labor or parts.  The financial predictability of our subscriptions is a bonus to our customers.  It’s easier to budget for your Queens business when you know that you won’t have any unexpected bills related to the ice machine!

We have a U.S.-based customer care team that is available every day of the week, every day of the year, 24/7. Our around-the-clock service is unique.  Restaurants in Queens stay open late.  And convenience stores and grocery stores are sometimes open all night.

Try reaching a repair technician at 3am or on a weekend or holiday.  It’s not easy! We’re making life easier for our customers by being ready to serve them anytime they need us.  Just call us anytime to report a broken ice machine.  We’ll dispatch a technician to your Queens location the next day.  No hassles!  No stress!

We carry commercial ice machines that fit every industry need. Hospitals, schools, restaurants and hotels in Queens need ice machines.  So do convenience stores, corporate facilities, health clubs, churches, freight companies and golf courses.

If your Queens business depends on ice, you need an Easy Ice subscription!  We’re a national company with service all over New York City including Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Long Island.  Getting commercial ice machines in Queens has never been easier!