Quincy businesses are choosing commercial ice machine subscriptions from Easy Ice!

Subscriptions are a better value than buying, leasing or renting a commercial ice maker in Quincy!  All-inclusive, low-cost and flexible are the reasons thousands of companies across the nation, and in Quincy, are switching to ice machine subscriptions.

Our subscription model for commercial ice makers takes away the unpredictable costs and stress of producing ice at your Quincy location.  Easy Ice buys the ice machines for our customers and we take full responsibility for them.

Never see an ice machine repair bill again!

Subscriptions are the preferred choice for thousands of businesses. As low as $135 a month!

Just because your Quincy business needs ice, doesn’t mean you need to own the ice machine.  If you buy an ice maker, the upfront capital is just the beginning of your expenses.  Repairs, maintenance and water filter replacements add up year after year. And don’t forget about the costs of cleanings and replacement ice if the ice machine is down.  Why would you subject your Quincy company to unpredictable and expensive costs when you don’t have to?

With a commercial ice machine subscription, your costs are fixed as long as you have our ice maker at your Quincy site. A predictable price for ice month after month, with no hidden costs, is one of the reasons customers love ice machine subscriptions.

Our flexible ice machine program is better than a leasing a commercial ice maker in Quincy.  Qualified customers do not have to sign a term agreement and can cancel at anytime with only 30 days notice.  And if you outgrow the ice machine, we have a flexible equipment Upsizing Program.  For a one-time low fee, we’ll switch out your ice machine for a larger unit.  Try finding these terms with a standard ice machine lease in Quincy!

Subscriptions include a new Hoshizaki commercial ice maker, preventive maintenance, cleanings, standard water filter replacements, repairs, Breakdown Ice and 24/7 support.

Unlike renting an ice machine in Quincy, we provide our customers with state of the art ice making equipment from Hoshizaki.  We take great pride in our end-to-end ice machine solution and have incentive to keep the ice machines running at their best.

Restaurants in Quincy depend on ice machines.  So do hotels, health clubs, convenience stores and corporate facilities. Schools, churches, hospitals and golf courses in Quincy need ice makers on site too.

Call us today if you need a commercial ice maker in Quincy, Boston, Milton, Brookline, Winthrop or Cambridge.  We have service throughout Massachusetts and the greater Boston area.