The nation’s only end-to-end commercial ice machine solution is available in Redwood City! No capital or risk!

Redwood City companies need commercial ice makers on site.  Restaurants, hotels and convenience stores in Redwood City depend on ice machines.  So do corporate facilities, hospitals, health clubs, golf courses, contractors and assisted living facilities.  Even though your business needs a commercial ice maker in Redwood City, do you need to buy one?

The simple answer is No!  Buying an ice machine means you’ll have unpredictable expenses throughout the lifetime of the ice maker (8-10 years).  We conducted a survey and found that commercial ice machines are the most frustrating piece of back-of-house equipment.  Why would you want to spend capital, time and worry on a frustrating ice machine?

Until recently, the only other option for Redwood City companies that need ice was to lease commercial ice machines.  Sure, leasing eliminates the upfront capital expense, but then you’re tied into a long and inflexible contract.  Bottom line:  buying or leasing a commercial ice maker in Redwood City is not a good use of your time, resources or money.  Even celebrity chef Robert Irvine says it’s foolish to buy commercial ice machines.  You have better uses for your money that can actually affect the success of your business.  You need ice, but it doesn’t differentiate your Redwood City business.

Easy Ice created the subscription model for commercial ice makers and we’re the only company that offers subscriptions on a national scale.  And we have service in Redwood City and throughout the Bay Area!  Subscriptions take all the hassles and unpredictable costs out of making frozen water!  Customers pay a low, fixed monthly price and we take care of everything to ensure you always have ice in your ice bin.

Commercial ice machine subscriptions are all-inclusive and affordable! No capital. No hassle. Just ice!

Maintenance is important to the health and longevity of commercial ice machines.  Subscriptions cover two preventive maintenance calls every year.  We dispatch technicians to your Redwood City location to diagnose and repair any possible problems with the ice makers.  We deep clean the ice machine and we switch out the water filters.  Standard water filters are Free!

If your commercial ice maker in Redwood City has a problem in between preventive maintenance visits, no problem!  Simply call our US-based customer service team and they’ll arrange for repair service.  We’ll have a technician at your Redwood City business as soon as possible.  Customer service is available 24/7, 365 days a year for your convenience.  Simple, right?

We even cover Breakdown Ice if we can’t repair the ice machine quickly.  Commercial ice machine subscriptions in Redwood City are simple, predictable and dependable!

We’ve place thousands of commercial ice makers in companies all over the Bay Area.  We serve Redwood City, Mountain View, Palo Alto, San Carlos, San Mateo, Los Altos, San Jose and Cupertino.