The fastest growing alternative to buying or leasing commercial ice machines in Spring is a subscription!

Are you tired of paying $100’s for repairs on an old ice machine?  Do you still send your Spring employees to buy bags of ice every day before heading to the job-site?  Are you wishing you could pay the same amount for ice every single month regardless of maintenance and repair costs?

Thousands of businesses in Spring and across the nation have asked these same questions for years.  And thousands of these businesses have switched from buying or leasing to subscriptions for commercial ice machines in Spring from Easy Ice.  Subscriptions solve all your ice making frustrations and package it into one fixed monthly payment.

With Easy Ice you know exactly how much you will pay for ice, not a penny more!  Subscriptions start at just $4 a day!

To begin an ice machine subscription for your Spring business all you need to do is call Easy Ice.  When you do we will give you a free estimate and onsite survey at your Spring location.  If you qualify you will receive a subscription requiring only a monthly contract with no cancelation fees!  You won’t find this flexibility with standard leases for commercial ice machines in Spring, Texas!

After your onsite survey all you need to do is pay a onetime nominal setup fee.  This fee is equal to two months of your subscription rate and covers delivery and installation of your new Hoshizaki ice maker.   Otherwise your fixed monthly payment covers everything!

Easy Ice only uses the best equipment in the industry.  When you begin a subscription you will receive a top of the line Hoshizaki ice maker!  If your Spring business requires an ice dispenser or ice bin, we have those too.

As a business in Spring, you need clean ice.  Anything that deals with water is bound to get dirty and even moldy if not cleaned properly.  Easy Ice pays for bi-annual preventative maintenance cleanings to take care of this problem.  Standard water filter changes are also paid for and installed during these cleanings!

Even when properly maintained, an ice maker can break down.  Your Spring business doesn’t have to worry when you subscribe with Easy Ice.  We pay for all repairs which include parts and labor.

Need ice while your ice maker is out of commission?  Don’t worry, we have that covered as well.  Breakdown Ice is provided free of charge!

When you compare the costs over time for subscribing, as opposed to buying or leasing commercial ice machines in Spring you will be amazed.  They are virtually the same! The difference is, when you buy or lease you handle all the repair and maintenance calls.  Pay all the hefty bills when a problem occurs.  And you have to deal with finding and paying for bagged ice during a breakdown.

With Easy Ice all the hassle that comes with an ice machine is put in our hands.  All for as low as $135 a month!

Businesses in Spring depend on ice.  Subscriptions are the preferred choice for thousands of businesses.  This includes restaurants, hotels, hospitals and schools in Spring.  Athletic facilities, extended care facilities, golf courses, convenience stores and even construction landscaping companies need a commercial ice maker onsite.

Know how much your ice will cost!  Service extends from Spring, The Woodlands, Shenandoah, Tomball, Humble, Hudson, Splendora, and the greater Houston area.  Getting commercial ice machines in Spring has never been easier!