The only all-inclusive and affordable commercial ice machine subscription service is available in St. Paul, Minnesota!

If your business in St. Paul depends on ice then you should see if a subscription is right for you.  Subscriptions are the only service that can guarantee how much your ice will cost every single month.  It’s also the only service that guarantees you will always be able to have ice in your bin without hassle or added expense!

The way a subscription works is simple.  Your St. Paul business pays one low fixed monthly rate and Easy Ice pays the rest of the bills for you.

Subscriptions for a commercial ice maker in St. Paul start as low as $135 a month!  No Hassle.  No Capital.  Just ICE!

Before subscriptions, a business in St. Paul could only buy or lease commercial ice machines.  You would be left spending $1000’s upfront in valuable capital or signing a 3 to 5 year lease.  Apart from the initial expense and long-term commitment you would be left paying for all repairs, bagged ice, and maintenance.

Don’t leave yourself with all the bills and frustration of buying and leasing a commercial ice maker in St. Paul!  Ice machine subscriptions are predictable and carry no hidden fees!

Choose a commercial ice machine subscription!  St. Paul businesses love ice machine subscriptions!

When you subscribe to Easy Ice you will receive a Hoshizaki commercial ice maker in St. Paul.  Hoshizaki ice machines are the best in the industry and trusted by thousands of Easy Ice customers nationwide!

Subscribing to ice machines means you never have to pay for another repair bill.  If you have an issue with your ice machine just call 866-easyice.  We have a 24/7 customer support team that is ready to help with any of your ice related needs.

They will alert one of our service partners of the problem and they will be out to your St. Paul location the same day or within 48 hours to repair the problem.  While you are waiting for the ice machine to be repaired we pay for Breakdown Ice to ensure you always have ice in your bin.

To prevent breakdowns we pay for bi-annual preventive maintenance on your commercial ice maker in St. Paul. Included with our regular maintenance plan is the replacement of your standard water filter to ensure your ice maker is always producing clean and reliable ice!

Hospitals, schools, convenience stores, restaurants, hotels, sports stadiums, even hockey rinks in St. Paul need commercial ice machines.  Call us today to begin your ice machine subscription if you’re located in Maplewood, Oakdale, Woodbury, Cottage Grove, Eagan, Richfield, Edina, Apple Valley, or anywhere in the St. Paul Minneapolis region!