Best ice machine program on Florida’s Gulf Coast!

Does your company in St. Petersburg need a new commercial ice machine?  Before you buy, rent or lease commercial ice makers in St. Petersburg, consider a subscription instead.

What’s an ice machine subscription?  Subscriptions are the fastest growing segment of the ice machine industry.  And Easy Ice is the industry leader.  We are the only national company with service in St. Petersburg that has a simple, all-inclusive program.

Providing ice to your employees and customers shouldn’t be hard.  With an Easy Ice subscription, it’s easy!

We take the stress out of owning & maintaining your own commercial ice makers in St. Petersburg.  Owning a commercial ice machine is expensive.  The purchase price of the industrial ice maker is only the beginning of the expenses.  Maintenance to ice machines is expensive.  Repairs are pricey.  And water filter replacements really add up.  You need to spend your time running your St. Petersburg business.  Do you really have the time and money to deal with commercial ice machines?

Our ice machine subscriptions include all the maintenance, repairs (parts & labor), standard water filters and more.  Subscriptions are priced affordably and are easy to budget.  No hidden costs or repair bills!  We even handle the costs of replacement ice if the ice maker needs repair and we can’t fix it quickly.  This bonus is called Breakdown Ice and all ice machine subscriptions have it in St. Petersburg.

We’ve partnered with the biggest name in the frozen water industry to bring your St. Petersburg company the best ice making products and service available.  We only use Hoshizaki commercial ice makers.  Hoshizaki ice machines, ice bins and ice dispensers are durable and energy-efficient.

We simplify our customers’ lives by pre-scheduling preventive maintenance calls.  Our technicians perform a deep cleaning and replace water filters every 6 months at your St. Petersburg location.  Supplying your St. Petersburg business with ice doesn’t get any easier!

Florida is known for it’s surf and sun.  Outside dining and golf courses can be found all over the state.  And these business can’t profit without a steady supply of food grade ice — meaning they need reliable commercial ice makers in St. Petersburg.  Schools and churches in St. Petersburg need commercial ice machines.  So do convenience stores, hospitals, hotels and corporate facilities.

A commercial ice machine that isn’t performing melts profits.  Our incentive is the same as yours: keep ice in the bin at all times.  Since we take the risk of owning the ice machines, we have a vested interest in keeping them in top shape.  You won’t find a better ice machine partner in St. Petersburg!

Savvy business owners and managers in St. Petersburg and across the country are choosing Easy Ice subscriptions.  We’re a national company and have service all over and Florida and the St. Petersburg area.  We have service in the surrounding cities of Largo, Gulfport, Tampa, Brandenton, Palmetto and Clearwater.

Save your company time, money and stress with an Easy Ice commercial ice maker subscription.  Our customers have peace of mind knowing that ice will always be in the bin.  Guaranteed ice at an affordable price!  Getting commercial ice makers in St. Petersburg has never been easier!