All-inclusive commercial ice machine offering.  Better than buying or leasing commercial ice makers in Tempe!

If you own or manage a business in Tempe, chances are you have an ice machine on site.  Commercial ice machines are needed in companies across industries.  Just because you need an ice machine doesn’t mean you need to buy one.

Until Easy Ice created the subscription model for ice machines, you’re options were buying or leasing.  We understand the costs of buying commercial ice makers in Tempe and the restrictions of a lease, that’s why we developed subscriptions.

Simply stated, subscriptions guarantee you have ice in the bin!  Ice machine subscriptions include the ice makers, all repairs, preventive maintenance, water filters and Breakdown Ice.  We’re a national company and we’ve placed thousands of ice machine in businesses across the country and in Tempe.

Cost-effective and efficient, subscriptions are a better choice than buying or leasing commercial ice makers in Tempe!

Instead of signing a long lease or spending thousands of dollars buying an ice machine, subscriptions are affordable and billed monthly.  No capital or downpayment required!  For a small set up fee, we deliver and install Hoshizaki ice makers.  From then on, our customers pay a low cost every month.  No term lease for qualified customers!  And for qualified customers can cancel their subscription at any time.  Without penalty.

No hidden costs!

Subscriptions give our customers flexibility that you can’t get if you lease or buy a commercial ice maker.  We’re here to support your success.  As your business grows, we can accommodate you with a larger ice supply through our upgrade program.  No penalty.  To upgrade ice machines, customers simply pay a small fee to switch the equipment and their monthly subscription fee reflects the new size unit.  Simple!

Tempe has some hot months and you want to feel sure you’re ice machine is up to the task.  Since we buy the commercial ice makers in Tempe for our customers, we take very good care of them.  We’ve made a large investment on our customers’ behalf and we want these ice machines to have long lives.  Twice-yearly preventive maintenance calls are part of our ice machine subscriptions.  We clean the ice maker and replace water filters.  We do everything possible to make sure our ice machines are working optimally.

We offer ice machine subscriptions in Tempe and all over Arizona.  We have customers in Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Fountain Hills and Glendale.  Getting commercial ice makers in Tempe has never been easier!