The most cost-effective commercial ice machine program in Valparaiso, IN!

Are you in the market for an ice machine in Valparaiso? Ice machines require a big chunk of capital upfront, which’s only the beginning of your expenses.  Owning your own equipment can melt your profits year after year with unpredictable maintenance and repair costs.  Savvy business owners need a better solution for their ice machines, and we’ve got it! Easy Ice’s commercial ice machine subscription program is the better alternative you’ve been waiting for.

Easy Ice has a better solution to traditional ice machine rentals in Valparaiso. Our program guarantees you always have ice in your ice bin for an affordable monthly cost.  Subscriptions are better than typical ice machine leases in Valparaiso since qualified subscribers don’t sign any term agreement.  A traditional lease for a commercial ice maker ties you in for 3+ years. Our subscriptions are month-to-month for qualifying Valparaiso businesses and no cancellation fees!

Predictable price. Predictable ice! Companies across Indiana and in Valparaiso are choosing commercial ice machine subscriptions over buying or leasing.

Easy Ice subscribers receive the best ice making equipment on the market.  We work exclusively with Hoshizaki and Manitowoc, two of the industry’s leading brands. All you pay upfront for your Hoshizaki or Manitowoc ice maker in Valparaiso is a one-time setup fee equal to two months of your subscription rate.  After that, your affordable monthly rate covers everything else you need to keep your ice machine in top shape!

Twice a year, we’ll send a technician to your business for ice machine maintenance in Valparaiso.  During visits, our technicians will thoroughly clean your unit, change standard water filters, and keep an eye out for potential problems along the way. We do our best to keep our ice machines in the best possible shape, saving you time and money.

If your ice maker in Valparaiso ever needs a repair, there’s no need to worry. We cover ice maker repairs, including parts and labor, in your subscription at no extra cost. While we complete your repair, we’ll also provide your business with backup ice at no extra cost. When you subscribe to us, you’ll never have to worry about running out of ice again.

We have commercial ice equipment of all sizes and types to fit any industry.  Need nugget ice for your seafood display, hospital, or grocery store?  We have that! Maybe you need a bar or restaurant ice machine in Valparaiso to serve classic cocktails. We have those too!  Convenience stores, corporate facilities, nursing homes, churches, golf courses, hotels, and schools use the Easy Ice solution to make their business even better.

Easy Ice has revolutionized the way businesses handle their ice machines in Valparaiso and throughout Indiana. We provide our ice machine service in most areas, including Valparaiso, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Gary, Michigan City, Griffith, and Hammond. If you’re ready to see what a subscription can do for your business, contact us today!