Subscriptions are the most dependable and affordable option for Virginia Beach companies that need ice!

Commercial ice machines are a necessity for many Virginia Beach companies.  You need ice for your customers and employees, but do you really need to own the ice machine?  The simple answer is No!  All-inclusive ice machine subscriptions are the smart choice for businesses that depend on ice.

Buy or leasing commercial ice makers in Virginia Beach used to be the only choices.  Then Easy Ice developed the subscription model for commercial ice machines.  Subscriptions are quickly becoming the preferred choice for companies that need ice on site.

If you buy a commercial ice maker, you have to spend a good amount of capital just to purchase the unit.  Then you have to pay for delivery and installation.  Then the real costs begin…  Maintenance, repairs and water filters are ongoing costs if you own an ice maker.  And these additional costs are many times greater than the initial price of the ice machine.  Why take on the burden of unpredictable and ongoing expenses when you don’t have to?

No Capital.  No Hassle.  Just Ice.  That’s the Easy Ice promise!

Ice machine subscriptions are reliable, predictable and affordable.  Customers pay a small, one time setup fee for installation and delivery.  From there, subscriptions are billed monthly and the prices are fixed as long as you have our ice maker.  There has never been an easier, more affordable way to get ice into your Virginia Beach company!

We handle all routine, preventive maintenance.  This means we give the ice machines a checkup every 6 months.  Our technicians deep clean the ice machines and switch out the water filters.  Preventive maintenance is Free with our subscriptions, and standard water filters are always complimentary.

If the ice machine needs repair in addition to routine maintenance, no problem!  Subscriptions include all repairs to the ice maker — parts and labor always included!  This means no additional, unpredictable costs to our customers.

Smart managers across the country are switching to Easy Ice subscriptions.  We’re the only company that offers ice machine subscriptions nationally.  We’ve place thousands of Hoshizaki ice machines in businesses like restaurants, hotels, hospitals, corporate facilities, convenience stores and country clubs.

We offer subscriptions in Virginia Beach and throughout the state.  We have service in Portsmouth, Hampton, Newport News, Chesapeake, Soffolk, Williamsburg and, of course, Virginia Beach.  Getting commercial ice makers in Virginia Beach has never been easier!