Hassle-free commercial ice machine subscriptions are available in Westerville!

If you are searching for the greatest commercial ice machine solution in Westerville, you have come to the absolute right place! We’re not selling you an ice machine (or even leasing you one!).  We provide customers with peace of mind, knowing they’ll always have ice in their bin for a low monthly fee.

Our all-inclusive ice machine solution is called a subscription.  Subscriptions are different than leases for commercial ice machines in Westerville.  A typical lease of a commercial ice maker will require a 3-5 year commitment.  Leasing companies will charge you penalties for any changes or early cancellation.  That’s not cool!

Qualified customers in Westerville don’t have to sign a term agreement!  No risk!  Companies that qualify enjoy simple month-to-month billing and can cancel at anytime without penalty charges.  Businesses in Westerville that don’t meet our qualifications are usually asked to sign a one year agreement.  That’s still more flexible than leasing!

Subscription ice machines are available for just $135 a month!

Commercial ice machines in Westerville are finicky pieces of equipment.  They’re complicated.  Extreme temperatures plus water and freezing create an atmosphere for breakdowns.  That’s why smart business owners across the nation and in Westerville are choosing Easy Ice over buying their ice makers.

Easy Ice is the only company that provides ice machine subscriptions nationally.  Subscriptions include Hoshizaki ice machines.  Hoshizaki makes the most durable and reliable ice makers on the market.  If you need ice bins or ice dispensers, we have those too for a small additional monthly fee.

Since we buy the ice machine for your Westerville company, we want it working at it’s best.  That’s why subscriptions include 2 preventive maintenance calls per year along with 2 deep cleanings.  We also replace the water filters biannually.  Standard water filters are Free!

We also include repairs in your ice machine subscription.  Labor and Hoshizaki ice machine parts are included.  We even provide you will Free Breakdown Ice if the ice machine needs repairs and we can’t get it up and running quickly.

Ice machine subscriptions save Westerville companies time, money and hassles.  Our prices are so low, nearly every business in Ohio that needs ice can afford an ice machine subscription!  We have ice machine models for restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, health clubs and nursing homes.  We also serve corporate facilities, golf courses, hospitals, event centers, contractors, schools and churches.

Whatever industry you’re in in Westerville, if you need ice you need Easy Ice!  We have service throughout the Columbus area including Dublin Delaware, Lincoln Village and Reynoldsburg.  Getting commercial ice machines in Westerville has never been easier!