Affordable, dependable end-to-end solution for your commercial ice machine in Westwood!

Westwood businesses that need ice require a reliable commercial ice machine on site. So, you need an ice machine, what are your options? Until recently, your only options in Westwood were to buy or lease commercial ice makers. But now you have a simpler, more cost-effective alternative: Ice machine subscriptions from Easy Ice!

Subscriptions are the preferred choice for thousands of smart business owners across the country and in Southern California. Instead of spending a large chunk of capital on buying an ice maker, Easy Ice will do it for you. And we fully maintain and repair the ice machine! All for a low, fixed monthly fee.

Predictable price, predictable ice! Guaranteed ice in your bin for just dollars a day!

Commercial ice machine subscriptions are revolutionizing how companies in Westwood provide their customers and employees with ice. After a small set up fee, your business will have a top of the line Hoshizaki ice machine delivered and installed. From there, you pay the same low price month after month for all-inclusive service. Easy Ice purchases the ice machine for you and then we maintain them. Ice machine subscriptions include biannual maintenance, sanitation, free standard water filters (2 per year), free repairs and free Breakdown Ice.

With Easy Ice, your Westwood restaurant or business has a guaranteed supply of ice! If the ice machine is working and needs repair, we’ll provide you with complimentary Breakdown Ice until the ice maker is fixed. Simple!  Our 24/7 customer support squad is on call for you anytime.

Did you know that the purchase price of a commercial ice machine in Westwood is just the beginning of ongoing (and unpredictable) costs? Repairs and backup ice can cost a Westwood business literally hundreds of dollars a day! Why take that financial risk when you don’t have to?

Our qualified customers in Westwood and Southern California enjoy month-to-month service with no term agreement. This sets us apart from regular ice machine leases. Qualified customers can cancel at anytime with only 30 days notice. But very few of our customers ever cancel once they’ve experienced our ice machine solution!

“RallyPoint loves easy ice. I lease my ice machine – it is never empty and when the health inspector looked for mold and build up he said ‘wow, I can usually find something in the gasket or top, your machine is spotless’ – thanks Easy Ice for keeping it perfect.” ~ Another happy customer.

If you need an ice bin or ice dispenser, we have those too for a small add-on fee. We carry Hoshizaki ice machines that range in ice production from 200lbs – 2000lbs per/day. No matter what business you’re in in Westwood, we have the ideal ice machine solution for you!  We provide commercial ice makers to restaurants, offices, hotels, golf courses, convenience stores, hospitals, health clubs and contractors. Actually, any business that needs a seamless supply of ice!

We have service throughout the Los Angeles area including Westwood, Burbank, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Pasadena and Fullerton.  Getting a commercial ice machine in Westwood has never been easier!