Health clubs, athletic facilities and golf courses always have at least one nugget ice machine on site. You can find them in the locker rooms, by the tennis courts, poolside and in the lobby. Health clubs that offer food service need even more nugget ice makers on property.

Easy Ice has the nation’s only completely hassle-free commercial ice machine program. Our end-to-end ice machine offering includes everything health clubs need to keep ice in the bin without the costs or hassles of ownership! Health club managers and staff have plenty to do without worrying about how their nugget ice machine is performing. You have customers and a business to run.

Athletic facilities managers are experts about their sports, but not about commercial ice makers. Easy Ice is the nugget ice machine expert. With a national footprint we have technicians across the country who perform all routine maintenance and all repairs. With one of our commercial ice machine subscriptions, everything from ice bins to water filters are included in the subscription.

For a reasonable monthly fee, we guarantee that your health club always has fresh, clean, safe ice available. We do this by bundling everything related to ice production into a simple subscription.

Health clubs, golf course and athletic facilities who partner with us receive:

  • Top of the line Hoshizaki commercial ice machines (manufactured in the United States).
  • All repairs.  All Hoshizaki parts and all labor are included in your low monthly fee!
  • All preventive maintenance.  Includes free standard water filters and complete ice machine cleanings twice per year.
  • Flexible cancellation policy.  Only 30-days notice without penalty for qualified customers.
  • Access to our Customer Care team anytime of the day or night.  24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Free Breakdown Ice!

Breakdown Ice is complimentary replacement ice. If one of our commercial ice machines is in need of repair and we can’t get it working quickly, we provide our customers with complimentary bagged ice. We deliver replacement ice directly to your health club in most geographies. In areas where we don’t have delivery service, Easy Ice promptly reimburses customers for the replacement ice they purchased.

Our technicians fully clean the ice maker each time they make a preventive maintenance call. Routine maintenance is typically scheduled twice per year. During those visits, our staff will also replace the ice machine’s water filter. Standard water filters are always complimentary with our ice maker subscriptions.  

Our customer care team works around the clock to ensure our customers have all the ice they need, day or night. Stellar customer service is another benefit for Easy Ice subscribers. Our care center is always open to serve you, even during weekends and holidays. 24/7 customer help can’t be found if you own, lease or rent a commercial ice machine.

We give our customers the ultimate customer care and flexibility. Our customers know that if they need anything — repair service, extra ice, billing questions resolved — they can call us at their convenience, even if that’s in the middle of the night or on Christmas.

Since we are a national company, our nugget ice machine subscriptions work well for athletic facility chains with multiple locations.

Call us today and learn why health clubs, golf courses and athletic facilities across the nation are partnering with Easy Ice for their nugget ice machine needs!