It’s Cool to be Square!

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Solid, square ice cubes have been gaining popularity with mixologists and their customers over the past few years.  Classic cocktails, especially brown spirits, are making a comeback in bars across the country. The simplicity of these old standards rely on maintaining the deep, smokey flavors of the liquor.  When the ice melts too quickly, the integrity of the cocktail is lost.

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Bourbon and whiskey aficionados want their “rocks” drinks as cold as possible without altering the taste. Square ice cubes keep drinks colder longer and don’t dilute the flavor of liquor.

Consumers have spoken and Hoshizaki is listening.

square ice cubes best for classic cocktailsHoshizaki is known for manufacturing the most reliable ice machines on the market.  Their crescent shaped cuber ice machines are the most popular choice for fast casuals and quick serves in the country. Crescent cubes are ideal for most drinks because they are splash resistant, resulting in less over-pours and spillage.  A crescent cube, however, doesn’t appeal to customers looking for a fancier, yet classic, drink.  They want big, square ice cubes.

Hoshizaki has manufactured a new square cube commercial ice machine:  the IM-500SAA.  The square cubes produced are 1.25 inches by 1 inch.  This ice maker produces 500 lbs of square ice cubes per day. The IM-500SAA ice machine is stackable (up to 3 units) for hip bars that need 1000 – 1500 lbs of ice per day.

The IM-500SAA is available through Easy Ice’s ice machine subscription program for $189 per month (without ice bin).  Ice bins are available for a low additional monthly fee.

When customers show up expecting a solid, square ice cube for their cocktails, you need to be ready to deliver! Subscribing to an IM-500SAA is the preferred choice for savvy restaurateurs and bar owners. No capital.  No hassle.  Just perfect square ice cubes at your fingertips!

It’s cool to be square!

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