Follett SG-2100 72″ Upright Double Door Ice Storage Bin

1,850 - 4,640 lbs/day

The Follett SG2100-72″ Upright Double Door Ice Storage Bin is designed for businesses with large ice needs like markets and distribution facilities. If you need over a ton of ice a day, Follett has you covered. Choose ice capacities between 1850-4640 lbs of storage.

The SG series has a durable, heavy-duty welded stainless-steel design that’s easy to clean and protects against corrosion. Polyurethane lines the doors to eliminate sharp corners that can injure staff as they retrieve ice.

These Follett SG-2100 ice bin features double SmartGate ice shields, which allows users to grab the first ice that drops, guaranteeing customers get the freshest ice that won’t clump together. Additional polyurethane lining protects doors and hinges from pitting and staining caused by released chlorine.