Follett ITS2250SG-60 ITS Series 60″ Ice Storage Bin

382 - 3,255 lbs/day

The Follett ITS2250SG-60 ITS 60″ Ice Bin features an elevated design with 1-3 hoppers (depending on model) which deposit ice directly into Follett’s ice transport carts for easy delivering of ice from station to station. These ice bins measure 31”-90” in width and hold between 382-3255 lbs of ice to fit any business’ ice needs.

The Follett ITS2250SG-60 ITS Ice Bin has heavy-duty welded stainless-steel construction throughout that defends against corrosion and is a breeze to clean. Polyurethane lining smooths out sharp edges, preventing staff from injuring themselves when they gather ice out of the bin’s access door.

The ITS Series comes with SmartGate ice shield technology that gives users access to the first ice dropped, so ice won’t clump together. Polyurethane lining around the bin prevents doors and hinges from pitting and staining, commonly caused by leaking chlorine.