Follett DEV-2100SG-72″ Double Door Ice Storage Bin DEV Series

2,110 - 4,640 lbs/day

The Follett SG2100-72″ Upright Double Door Ice Storage Bin features an elevated design with two durable plastic chutes that deposit ice directly into a Follett ice cart, saving time and effort for staff. A great choice for grocers and markets. These ice bins hold between 2110-4640 lbs of ice.

The Follett SG-2100 ice bin DEV series features a durable, heavy-duty welded stainless-steel exterior that prevents corrosion and is easy to clean. Each ice bin features polyurethane lining that eliminates sharp edges which prevents staff from injuring themselves when they retrieve ice.

The DEV Series comes with two SmartGate ice shields towards the bottom of the bin, so users have access to the first ice that’s dropped. This prevents ice from sitting too long and clumping together. Polyurethane lining around the bin prevents doors and hinges from pitting and staining, commonly caused by leaking chlorine.