Follett SG700S Single Door DEV Series Ice Storage Bin

460 - 1,660 lbs/day

Follett’s Single Door SG series ice bins have an elevated design with a plastic chute that drops ice directly into an ice cart, so staff save time and energy transporting ice from one station to another. These bins come in widths ranging from 30”-60”. Choose between models that hold up to 460-1660 lbs of ice.

The DEV series has durable, welded stainless-steel construction throughout to stand up to any work environment. Stainless-steel is easy to clean and resists corrosion. The stainless-steel exterior also has a polyurethane lining that protects staff against injury when retrieving ice.

The DEV Series features the SmartGate ice shield design, which places the access door at the bottom of the bin. This allows users to grab the ice that was dropped first, so it doesn’t have time to clump together. Doors and hinges have polyurethane lining, so doors won’t stick or stain due to chlorine.