Hoshizaki B-900PF 52″ Ice Storage Bin with Vinyl Finish

900 lbs capacity

The Hoshizaki B-900PF ice bin stores up to 900 lbs of ice* and measures 52″ wide. This ice bin is sturdy and offers ample room to install 22″ machines side-by-side effectively doubling your ice production rate. This ice bin can accommodate most sized Hoshizaki ice machines. Easy Ice provides top kits for installing 22″-44″ ice makers. Hoshizaki PF series ice storage bins’ vinyl-clad exterior is durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean. Their sleek, galvanized steel appearance is appealing enough to install in a busy kitchen or the front-of-house. All Hoshizaki ice bin models are sturdy and can accommodate extra machines, whether installed side-by-side or stackable. All PF series ice storage bins have easy-to-open bin doors to retrieve ice quickly. Hoshizaki B-900PF ice bins come with standard 6″ adjustable painted flange legs.