Hoshizaki IM-500SAA Stackable Air Cooled Square Ice Machine

500 lbs/day

The Hoshizaki IM-500SAA ice machine is one of only two commercial square ice cube makers on the market. This square ice machine produces around 430 lbs. of ice under standard temperature conditions. This 44-inch-wide energy efficient ice machine sits 21 inches high and can stack three additional units on top resulting in a maximum ice production rate of 1500 lbs. per 24 hours. With their reputation for reliability, the Hoshizaki IM-500SAA ice machine is the only dependable solution for high quality, square ice cubes. Hoshizaki’s IM series produces square ice cubes that are 1″ x 1″ x 1 ¼”. These cubes feature a classic shape that is perfect for fancy cocktails and top-shelf liquors served on the rocks. Hoshizaki square ice cubes are solid, melt slowly, and won’t water down beverages and dull their flavor. The IM series’ ice production system uses only the purest water to make sure cubes stay clear and elevate the look of cocktails in highball or lowball glasses.